What are the best mattress covers for newborns in a crib?

The mattress topper is a special cover that protects the mattress from moisture, dirt, mechanical damage, and is able to partially correct its useful properties. Previous generations in infancy slept on bedsheets, under which mother carefully placed an oilcloth to protect the surface of the mattress from children’s surprises, today this function is performed by a mattress topper, and also often has useful orthopedic properties. Agree, washing and drying a mattress topper is much easier than doing similar manipulations with a mattress.

Focus on sustainable materials and hygiene

The trend towards the use of sustainable materials in the last decade has become generally accepted, especially when it comes to any products for children. Independent studies periodically shock society with their conclusions about the effect of one or another chemistry, synthetic materials on the health of newborns. Probably everyone already knows that you should not abuse diapers, but only those who know how to take care of the cleanliness of the child’s sleeping place can afford it.

Modern mattress toppers combine the unique properties of natural materials and synthetic fabrics of the latest generation, the latter being used as a moisture-proof layer and directly adjacent to the surface of the mattress, and not to the child’s skin. As the top layer, a knitted fabric made of natural cotton is usually used – the safest hypoallergenic material, which, importantly, is very easy to machine wash. These products also have the ability to absorb and retain fluids, which is indispensable in a newborn’s crib.

Most manufacturers take every detail in the manufacture of mattress toppers very seriously, from the incoming inspection of all materials for the content of allergens and harmful substances to testing fabrics for noise during friction. Many models have special antibacterial impregnation. Obviously, this approach allows them to ensure that the baby is surrounded by warmth and comfort in his crib at all times. For more information read more about the best mattress covers for adjustable beds.

Affordable price and significant savings

Future parents rarely spare money for arranging a child’s bed, but when it comes to purchasing additional accessories, many are afraid that they will have to pay a round sum, in addition to the cost of the children’s mattress and crib. Fortunately, mattress toppers are quite inexpensive, and the choice of such products is quite large today. Moreover, the cost of its acquisition will pay off over time, thanks to its unique useful properties. The obvious advantage of using mattress covers consists of several components:

  • The product significantly extends the life of the mattress (usually quite expensive), which allows you to change it much less often;
  • The affordable price of the product is significantly lower than the total cost of purchasing disposable waterproof nappies over several years;
  • Favorable sanitary conditions and preservation of the child’s health are priceless!

The main thing that you need to pay attention to is that the size of the mattress topper matches the parameters of the mattress, otherwise the product will not only lose all its protective properties but also begin to crumple, form folds, which will automatically create discomfort for the child. Before buying, it is advisable to find out not only the length and width but also the thickness of the mattress, so as not to be mistaken with the choice, because the fasteners also differ from each other.

Maximum sleeping comfort for your child

Thus, the mattress topper, which is presented to many as a secondary accessory for a crib, in fact, solves a number of important problems, significantly facilitating maternal labor. Here are just the main useful functions of the mattress covers for the sleeping place of newborns:

  • Cleanliness and dryness in the crib – protecting the child from diaper rash, allergies, fungi and pathogenic bacteria, sleepless nights;
  • Protection of the surface and sides of the mattress from moisture and dirt, and therefore from stains and unpleasant odors, which are so difficult to eliminate;
  • The formation of a perfectly flat sleeping surface, even if the mattress in the crib has certain signs of wear and deformation;
  • Constant internal ventilation and active air circulation will protect the baby’s skin from irritations;
  • Maintaining the optimum temperature, keeping the crib warm.

Today it is the most convenient and practical means for protecting a sleeping place from children’s surprises. Unlike oilcloths and disposable waterproof nappies, a mattress topper is purchased for a specific size of a children’s mattress and is firmly attached to it, as a rule, using corner or side elastic bands. This avoids situations when the diaper moves out due to the baby’s movements in bed and the mattress is unprotected. In addition, bed linen will not slip with the mattress topper, which means you will provide your child with everything necessary for a sound and healthy sleep!

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