What is the best secure messaging app?

Confidentiality and privacy are important considerations when choosing a messaging platform. Despite Facebook’s problematic privacy practices, recent researches report that WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, plus WeChat remain the world’s greatest messaging apps.

In most nations, WhatsApp is used by around 90% of the population. In today’s world, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in only 25 of the world’s 195 countries.

Over half of all Latin Americans use WhatsApp, whereas 88 percent of Americans use Facebook Messenger. The majority of the globe uses a Facebook-owned messaging app. In reality, Facebook-owned messaging applications are the market leader in only ten countries around the world.

Because WhatsApp, as well as Facebook Messenger, are outlawed in China, the majority of the population utilizes WeChat. Telegram, which is recognized for its strict privacy settings, has struggled to gain widespread appeal, with the majority of its users situated in the Mid East.

With encrypted chat apps like Cable, Threema, and Silence being the most recent additions to the market, security, and privacy across messaging apps have become increasingly crucial. If you prioritize security over popularity, continue reading.

How to pick a safe messaging app?

Although there are numerous messaging platforms available, not all services are as reliable as they claim. End-to-end encryption is available in all of the applications on our list, which ensures that no one can access your ‘private’ interactions even if they have a secret key to decrypt them.

Most significantly, this means that no one, including abusive employees, hackers, or government agents, may view your messages. Their extra features and flaws are, however, all different.

It’s simple to use and includes features like file and location sharing, images, and even desktop compatibility. It also employs OSP’s strong encryption protocol, which is widely regarded as the industry standard.

Perfect Forward Secrecy is a property of encryption (PFS). This ensures that if somebody steals the password to your WhatsApp message, people will only be authorized to see the most recent message you sent. Everything else will be kept confidential.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, is held by Facebook, which poses significant security issues. This social media behemoth’s business model revolves around collecting users’ data, and it has repeatedly failed to satisfy user data safe.

Can Facebook be trusted?

Despite the fact that Facebook and its text messages are used by billions of people, few are aware that the program provides end-to-end encryption. This is due to Facebook’s excellent concealment of the function.

Although Facebook introduced this function, there are still several reasons why it ranks towards the bottom of this ranking.

The social media behemoth continues to collect information such as who you text and how often you can use the app. Facebook made headlines in 2018 for various data breaches. They’ve become difficult to trust using your personal information!

Mobile numbers as well as contact lists, as well as timestamps and IP addresses, are saved in plain text then instead of hashes. Your profile and any data uploaded to iCloud are also not encrypted by the app. If someone gains hack the system to your service, they will have access to the system.

There are various messaging platforms in the market. Many developers claim that their messaging platforms are the most secure, but you need to be more careful while choosing these messaging platforms.

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