Why It’s So Important To Have Comprehensive Auto Insurance

You have put a substantial amount of time and money into your vehicle. It only makes sense that you want an insurance policy to protect your investment. There are various types of insurance that you can have. One of them, the third-party policy, is mandatory and included in your car registration fees in some areas (check before assuming that you have paid for it.)

But this does not cover your car for everything, especially acts of nature that can total your automobile within seconds. To understand why it’s so important to have comprehensive auto insurance, you must first understand what the policy covers.

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  • Theft – Comprehensive auto insurance will protect your vehicle from damage due to theft. This includes if they take items from your car or decide to take it for a joy ride and crash into a tree.
  • Acts of Nature – Nature can be harsh at times. As a human being, you have learned to adapt your way of living to allow for the weather. Your vehicle, though, has no way of doing so, and it relies on you to keep it safe from harm and fix it up when something happens.
  • Vandalism or Acts of Civil Disobedience – Granted, this does not happen often. Still, it would be a good idea to have car insurance that will cover any of the damage when it does.
  • Fire – One thing that most of the other policies will never cover is damage due to a fire. This includes house fires that cause damage and any fire damage done by random people that may set it on fire to see it explode.
  • Accidents – This type of policy will cover damage to your car, and any other car or property, that is involved in the accident with you. It does not matter if you are at fault or not.

Some of the explanations above may be a little harsh. Still, it has been written in such a way as to get you to understand what comprehensive auto insurance from iSelect covers. Now, let’s look at why it is so essential to have comprehensive by going over a few examples. Some you may have never thought of, or maybe you have thought could never happen to you.

  • Hitting An Animal – Hitting a deer on the highway is more common than you may realize. They jump out in front of you without any warning, and unless luck is on your side, you will hit them, or they will run into you. Either way, your vehicle will be repaired as needed if you have comprehensive coverage.
  • Hail – When a nasty weather front moves through your area, you may see some massive pieces of hail coming from the sky. It is a sight that may excite your inner child, but it is bad for your vehicle. Very bad because it can leave little dents all over your car. Luckily, you have comprehensive insurance, so it will be covered or replaced if the damage is bad enough.
  • Falling Trees – Age or weather can cause tree limbs to break off from the main trunks. Most of the time, they fall harmlessly to the ground, but when they crash the roof of your car down to the steering wheel, you may have to file a claim for repairs or replacement. That is if you have a comprehensive auto insurance policy.
  • Garage Fire – Your garage is the place that you use to keep your car safe from harm. It is also the best place to keep your yard equipment, gas cans, paint, and other explosive chemicals. When a fire breaks out and burns your car, most insurance policies will not cover it, but comprehensive does. It will cover the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle minus the amount of the deductible that you have.

You should now understand why it is so essential to have comprehensive auto insurance on all your vehicles. This policy will protect you against the damage caused by various things that a standard policy will not. If you do not have a pocket full of cash waiting to be spent on your car, make sure that you include an excellent comprehensive policy that fits your needs and does not break the bank.

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