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Are you ready to downsize and want to move to a bungalow

You have been married for over forty years and lived in the same house for over thirty of those years, with your husband and three children, who have now all grown up and left home. The big, rambling family home that suited you all so well in the past, seems draughty and you are finding it difficult to keep it warm and tidy.  Your utility costs are soaring, and you decide as a couple it’s time to move to a bungalow and start looking for your dream retirement home close to family and friends.

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The property you eventually find has all the suitable Disability Aids already installed and you know they are quality products because they were purchased from a company like http://www.abilitysuperstore.com/  The bathroom has a practical wet room with several grab rails, and a low-level sink and toilet. The stairs to the front door are not the only access to your home as there is a wheelchair accessible ramp to the back of the property.

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The three bedrooms all have grab rails fitted to the beds and emergency pull cords in case either of you have a fall and need help from family or friends.  The property is big enough for you to have friends and family visit you but much easier and cheaper to keep warm, being all on one floor and the loft space well insulated.  With a large garage and small easy to maintain garden it is the perfect bungalow to make your new home.


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