Why Top Gyms are Using Custom Backdrops to Bounce Back from The Pandemic

The COVID19 pandemic had serious negative impacts on several businesses. Businesses that involved face-to-face interactions suffered the most. The fitness and gym industry, in particular, suffered very badly. Many membership-based gyms that collapsed during the lockdowns are currently trying their best to attract old and new customers.

The gyms that have reopened and experienced significant recoveries in numbers are the ones that are practicing smart marketing. Inside these gyms, social settings are defined and described via banners, signs, and engaging backdrops. These marketing materials also feature motivational messages which are inspiring gym members to rejoin.

Top gyms are using well-designed custom backdrops to market their “born-again” brands. The appealing backdrops engage with existing customers and draw in potential new customers. Using these backdrops to market your fitness brand has several other advantages –

Engage with Target Customers

The main focus of gym owners should be keeping their existing customers active and happy. Well-customized backdrops provide gym-goers with valuable information. These backdrops are also branded, so they also contribute to the gym’s brand growth.

  • Gym owners share messages that build trust, confidence, and reliability with their customers in their pop-up backdrops.
  • They share extra safety-related information via their backdrops, for example, backdrops that feature details about social distancing inside the gym.
  • Customers notice these backdrops and see that the gym managers are actively working to meet their needs.

Create Professional-Looking Workout Spaces

With thousands of gym memberships being canceled every day, gym owners must be vigilant about the quality of their services. That means ensuring there are no unsightly spots inside the gym. Customized backdrops are ideal for hiding imperfections on walls, covering up exposed electrical wires, and other things of that nature.

Brand Boost for the Gym

Loyal gym members are the customers who subscribe to the gym both financially and emotionally. Getting gym customers emotionally attached to the brand requires re-targeting. If they notice your brand name, logo, etc., every time they work out at the gym, their brand affinity will increase. They develop subtle psychological connections with the gym.

That’s why step and repeat backdrops are very popular inside gyms. These banners feature columns of one or two design elements. Basically, the entire banner is covered with the gym’s logo or brand name. Such small efforts contribute a lot to a gym’s brand awareness. When gym customers look at these backdrops, they know where they are.

Boost Gym Decorations

When gym customers like the offers you mention on your customized backdrops, they keep coming for more. Similarly, when gyms look and feel bright and exciting, customers are likelier to come back. With customizable backdrops, gym owners can add as much color or pizazz they want to their gyms.

The best backdrops come in an extensive variety of colors, styles, and materials. Plus, they’re cheap. That’s why top gym owners acquire multiple backdrops with different styles or customizations. They use them alternatively throughout the year to make their gyms look vibrant, colorful, and aesthetic.

These are the reasons why so many cost-efficient gym owners suggest investing in customized backdrops!

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