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20 months old baby

At 20 months old baby already experiences autonomy, begins to perform tasks on its own and to experience various changes in their environment, so it is normal to start going up and down stairs without the help of mom or dad, it will move from one side to the other. Another and will be tireless.

Your body will no longer have a rounded shape, will gain muscle and will be more defined, in addition, your balance will be stabilized more and more, and of course, curiosity is a fundamental part during this stage.

In the baby with 20 months will be common phrases such as “I do it”, “I only”, so to give us some recommendations, we spoke with the pediatric dentist of the U C Health Network; Carmen Venal who advised us on the subject.

Changes your 20 months old baby

best 20 months old baby

They love to help, so we can use this natural inclination to cooperate to invite you to collaborate on some simple tasks at home.

  • Obviously there will be many that you will not be able to do, but he will be happy by your side helping you with simple tasks such as putting the dirty spoons in the dishwasher, putting the napkins on the table, cleaning something that has spilled or watering the plants.
  • These small tasks are seen by the child as games and not as a job, because what really matters is “doing” something.
  • If we want to educate the child with social skills such as the helpful attitude, this is the time to foster cooperation in him.
  • We should always praise him and thank him specifically for what he has done, regardless of whether the task was executed perfectly and not fixate on his mistakes.

Eye with teeth

the 20 month old baby

We all know the importance of brushing our children’s teeth , but one of the great battles we wage with them is to make tooth brushing a part of children’s daily habits. Below are tips from a trusted pediatric dentist in Roseville, VA that can help you in this task:

  • When we wash our teeth we exaggerate the action of spitting we can tell them to imitate the action.
  • We must also teach them how to rinse their mouth with water and that in the end you can spit it into the sink.
  • If we cannot motivate the child with these tips, let’s try with battery-operated children’s brushes, some bring music and they get a lot of attention.
  • Use toothbrushes with soft bristles, and appropriate to the size of your child’s mouth and teeth.
  • Remember that at this age it is important to incorporate habits in the child’s life, brushing, sleep routine, household rules, teach and motivate daily, with patience and love.

20 Months old Baby and 2 Weeks

top 20 month old baby

 At this age most children hate to wash their hair.

20 Months and 2 Weeks Baby At this age most children hate to wash their hair.

Time to wash your hair

Surely you have already realized that your son hates to wash his hair. To avoid last minute tantrums we will give you some tips that many mothers have found useful.

One of the big problems of washing your hair is that you get water or shampoo in your eyes. For this, wet a wipe instead of spraying water. Use the minimum of shampoo and ideally it is one of those that do not produce tears.

  • When rinsing the hair there is more risk of water getting into the eyes. To avoid this, fold a small towel or bath sponge and put it on your forehead over your eyes, tilt your head back and push it so that with the water that comes out you can rinse your hair. Depending on the amount of hair you should repeat this action until the shampoo is completely removed. It is better if you use warm water, ask him if it is not too cold or too hot.
  • Meanwhile distract him with something fun, like singing the “shampoo song” or passing a mirror to him to look at.
  • It is not necessary to wash your child’s hair every day, it is usually enough to do it once a week. Of course, it will depend on the type of hair, for example the driest and most frizzy hair, like African-Americans, they look better if they do not wash very often.

LA Iguana brings you a little brother!

If you are waiting for another baby you may wonder when the appropriate time to announce it to your child is. It is better if you do it in the last trimester, when the growth of the tummy becomes evident.

You will have enough time to prepare your child for the arrival of his little brother. Talk to her each time you can about the baby on the way, so that she gets used to the idea, although at this age she does not understand much about the concept of the arrival of a baby in the world.

  • If you plan to make changes in your child’s room, such as putting the baby’s crib along with your bed or have decided to change your room, does it well in advance.
  • If a baby has recently arrived in your circle of friends or relatives visit them if you can … most children love babies, want to touch and kiss them. This is why it helps your child treat these babies you visit with care and show them where they can touch them safely, like their feet.
  • If you think you need additional help ask at the clinic or at your hospital if they offer breeding courses for siblings.
  • And most importantly, make the most of the weeks you have left with your son before the stork brings him his little brother.

Your son wants to paint with his little hands!

discover 20 month old baby

The textures and colors of the food are interesting for young children (although that does not necessarily mean they want to eat it). Think of the art your son can create with the spreading technique. Now that their fine motor skills are more developed, some 20 months old can draw horizontal and vertical lines or even circles. We recommend that you buy paint to paint with your fingers waxed paper, plain white paper and tape.

Help your child to develop on his own since he might want to paint several masterpieces or just one. Either way, shows your work in the window or in the refrigerator so that you can admire it together. Say a couple of specific things that you like. This will show you that you value the unique qualities of your work.

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