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Advertising above the line examples

Advertising above the line includes tactics used to reach a mass audience and build a brand for a new or existing business. The types of advertising activities are common places bought by an advertising agency on behalf of the company. Advertising agencies are able to charge commissions for sales because of advertising on the line. Companies can explore different types of advertising above the line, depending on the market they are trying to capture.

What activities does the advertising above the line include?

The press office. Even in the below the line, we can turn to the Advertising above the line, without using advertising, but doing a press office job. This is a journalistic activity that connects companies and newspapers, creating information, affiliate marketing and news content.

Brochures, catalogs, leaflets are business communication tools that are made for different purposes and different audiences. You can create catalogs for the sales force or leaflets to the final consumer. They can be used to present the company, its values ​​and its mission, or to communicate promotions and new products.

Advertising above the line

The coordinated image is the means by which the company becomes recognizable and the fact that communication always comes from the same entity. All the graphic and communication elements of a brand or company are inserted into the support tools used. It will be so clear to our interlocutor that it is my descriptive document, that my email or quote or presentation have been made by the same company.

The POP (Point of Purchase) material is created to make my product or brand visible at the point of sale: exhibitors, crowners, countersigns, posters, etc.


As the average American spends at least 20% of the day watching television, according to Nielsen, you can advertise your products and services through television commercials to increase your brand’s exposure. Small businesses such as law firms, real estate agents, car dealers, boutiques, daycares, restaurants and hairdressers can buy television advertising to increase their visibility. Use your commercials to sell customers experience with your brand, such as a demonstration of how your product is used, a look at your inventory, an exhibition of your store or testimonials from other customers.


Websites, blogs and directories offer advertising opportunities above the internet, and you can also offer your products and services in advertising campaigns by email. You can buy advertising posters on websites, be the sponsor of a blog and use video-marketing to attract more customers.


Customers listen to the radio in their homes, while driving and during the workday, which gives companies many ways to transmit their messages. The Office of Radial Advertising reports that in 2011, there were around 11,000 transmitters in the air, with more than 1,800 digital stations and 7,000 radios on the Internet, which gives you a large number of opportunities to publicize yourself in order to reach your audience. Radio commercials can be purchased locally, regionally or nationally, depending on the stations you choose and of course your budget.


Local, regional and national magazines can help present your brand to your target market. Magazines exist in different niches, from fashion and beauty to gossip and business, making it easier to determine which reader you’re targeting. Toiletries and cosmetics, food, drugs and medicines, media and advertising, and artifacts and accessories represent the five main categories that appeared in magazines, according to data collected by the Media Association in Magazines in January 2010.

Advertising posters

Capture your customers while traveling on highways and roads with signs that show messages about your brand. These billboards are large and potentially visible by a huge audience, especially if you place them in a busy area. The “Entrepreneur Magazine” suggests using eight to ten words and an image. It can be your logo or a picture of someone using your product or service. Make sure that the name of your business, your location and website, or phone number is present on the poster. So that customers can contact you if they have questions or want to make a purchase.

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