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Five ways to promote your bakery’s grand opening

No one can resist a slice of hot, fresh, sourdough bread, or a delicious cinnamon roll. Bakeries are of course public favorites. However, if you have just opened a bakery, you are likely to face competition. Even if you do not have competition within the area, you will surely have some bakers operating within an admissible radius.

Setting up a bakery is one thing, but making people buy from you is another kettle of fish. Running a successful bakery shop requires time, effort, and the right promotional techniques. Baking mouth-watering and unique products is good. However, it might not be enough to achieve success. Instead, what will increase your reach and visibility is efficient promotion.

This guide will therefore help you with marketing strategies that you can try to promote your bakery’s grand opening. After following the ideas below, you will get through the rough patches, or even prevent them.

1-    Open your bakery with a party

If you truly intend to have a grand opening of your bakery, you should organize an open house party. Interestingly, it may not cost you a lot to host a party at your bakery. If you are on a budget, just play some good music and give the attendees some baked items. Make sure to throw out open invitations around the community.

You will get a surprise after the party. A major percentage of those attendees will become your loyal customers. They are the people who will help you grow and flourish your bakery business.

2-    Leverage on the Internet and social media

There is hardly any business today that is not utilizing the opportunities available on the internet. Thus, if you plan to open and launch your bakery in grand style, leverage the internet and social media platforms like; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and your own website to announce the grand opening of your bakery.

Instagram contests

Apart from paid advertisements on social media, you can engage your followers and make your bakery known. All you need to do is organize an Instagram contest and ask people to share videos and pictures of what they want to see in your new bakery.

Get an optimized website

There is a high chance that people might look into your website before they decide to come to your grand opening. How would they know about your crispy baguettes if you do not have a website to present them?

An optimized website is the best online business card. Provide some kind of value or content that they find first. This will start their relationship with your business. Foot traffic would not just be enough for your grand opening, you need an online presence too.

3-    Position “coming soon” posters in strategic locations

If you travel around the city, you would have seen posters announcing the coming in of new businesses. This is a strategy that delivers results, and therefore, it will help you to announce the opening of your bakery.

It is a sure-fire idea you need to execute if you want to launch your bakery in grand style. Just ensure to position your posters at strategic positions. Place them where you think you will likely get customers. Although it will need some effort to put up posters across major locations, people who will come across them will wait eagerly for your bakery to open.

However, if you want to get the attention of people, you must be highly creative with your posters. It would be easy for you to design a poster if you use a bakery poster template. Just put your information on it, and your bakery’s poster is all set to go.

4-    Run a sweet giveaway

If you want to create a fizz about your bakery online, run a giveaway. By simply entering the giveaway, your followers are promoting your bakery to all of their followers. The more people enter your giveaway, the farther the news will spread about your bakery.

It is you who decides the entry requirements for the giveaway. As a reward, you can offer a gift voucher for baked goods or any other prize. Have a look at how Primrose Bakery used a giveaway to promote their bakery.

5-    Flyers

The emergence of the internet is indeed affecting the need for flyers. However, some people still prefer flyers to get directions and information about a business.

And who told you flyers are always hard copies? Use flyers for both print and electronic media platforms. You can use flyers to post on social media or as digital invitations to invite people to your grand opening. Make sure to design attractive flyers to catch the eye of your audience. You can use grand opening flyer templates on PosterMyWall to design creative flyers for your bakery.

Wrapping it up

Opening a bakery is an amazing business idea, only if you know how to promote it. It might be difficult to tackle bakery marketing, but with these promotion ideas, your bakery’s grand opening would definitely be the talk of the town.

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