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Eating out in an Italian Restaurant in Dublin like https://www.forno500.ie/ is always a treat. With some many different pasta, risotto and pizza dishes to choose from you could almost eat out every day for a month and never taste the same dish twice. Many people are aware of the delicious main course that this cuisine has to offer, although fewer have tried some of the delights that are available for dessert. Here are some ideas for when you next visit that Italian restaurant.

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Ice cream or Gelato is incredibly popular in Italian cuisine and with some many different varieties to try a visit to Italy can see you in ice cream heaven. If you prefer a fruiter flavour then sorbets are also incredibly popular.

Struffoli – this is almost a snack style treat and is dough balls that are deep fried. They are usually covered in a honey and cinnamon glaze with orange rind and sometime even a few hundreds and thousands on top.

Granita – is another frozen light and is a halfway house between a sorbet, gelato and ice. It is usually flavoured with berries, mint and sometime lemon or citrus fruits. It is a crunchy ice style dessert that packs a punch of flavour.

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Tiramisu is a quintessential Italian dessert and probably one of the most well-known with many supermarkets offering both fresh and frozen options for you to enjoy whenever the urge to taste the delights of coffee-soaked sponge fingers layered between mascarpone cheese and chocolate arises. Tiramisu is one of the easier desserts to make and is a popular choice for dinner parties and as celebration desserts. It was particularly popular here during the 1970s and 1980s.

Cannoli are a delicious pastry that is rolled into a tube and deep fried, when it has cooled, they are usually filled with ricotta cheese with cherries and pistachios added for decoration.

Crostata – is a bit like a treacle tart or a fruit tart that you might find here in the UK. In Italy these are usually filled with a variety of fruit options or even ricotta cheese.

Biscotti – is a biscuit that anyone who frequents a classic coffee shop or makes the occasional trip to costa or starbucks will have heard of. These baked biscuits are best enjoyed with a nice warm cup of coffee or perhaps even a hot chocolate. They come in a variety of flavours from all kinds of buts through to chocolate.

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