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We are surrounded by metal in our everyday lives. From the buildings we work in to the cars we drive, the cutlery we eat with and even the fillings in our teeth. But how much thought do we give to the metal that surrounds us? It truly is an amazing material. Here are some amazing metallic facts you might not know:

  1. We commonly think of metals as being hard, silver and shiny but there are some exceptions. Gold, for instance, is considered a soft metal and mercury, which can be found inside thermometers, is in a liquid form.
  2. The very core of our Earth is made up of metals including iron which is the most commonly found metal on the planet. However, the Earth’s core is predominantly made up of aluminium.
  3. The very best metal for electrical conductivity is silver.
  4. Did you know that metal expands in the heat? Interestingly, this makes the Eiffel Tower six inches higher in the summer than it is in the winter.

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  1. If you are concerned about cleanliness, install brass door handles and handrails. Brass, as an alloy of Copper, has a natural antibacterial quality! Silver also has the same useful qualities.
  2. The oxidation of metal can cause problems as it leads to corrosion. In space, where there is no oxygen, if two pieces of metal touched together, they would stick to each other as there is no oxidation barrier! In fact, corrosion is the enemy to metals, costing economies many millions each year. To prevent corrosion, many manufacturers apply special coatings to their metal products. For more information on Surface Treatments, go to a site like
  3. To help prevent iron from rusting, it goes through a process of galvanisation. This involves dipping the iron in very hot zinc.

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  1. In terms of sustainability, aluminium is the most recycled metal on the planet. Thanks to our efforts at recycling, three quarters of all the aluminium ever made is still in circulation and use today.
  2. The study of metals and their properties is known as Metallurgy.
  3. You don’t tend to think of food when you think of metals, but in fact, metals are present in many foodstuffs. For example, the strong smell given off by garlic and onions is caused by potassium in them.
  4. Titanium is a metal that can be used inside the human body. It is used in many different types of surgical implants. It also surrounds us in our daily lives, being found in paint, make-up, paper and even toothpaste.
  5. What is the world’s strongest metal? This honour goes to Tungsten, which has the best tensile strength. This is the strength it takes to pull a material apart. Another way metals are measured is compression strength.
  6. The most widely available and thus most commonly used metals are iron, aluminium, zinc and copper.
  7. Not many things are made from natural metal only but are joined with another metal to create an alloy, making them stronger and more resistant.

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