7 basic tips to organize a wedding in the countryside

Have you thought about getting married in the countryside? From the look of the bride and groom to the most suitable type of arrangement, in this article you will find practical tips to better organize your wedding outdoors!

Do you need help organizing the wedding?

There are many ideas for organizing outdoor weddings, but a wedding in the countryside is much more than all this. It is nature that blends with the fittings, starting from the location, ending with the wedding favors. What about ceremony dresses, these too are good that they are chosen according to the type of event, enhancing that look halfway between the bucolic and the country. Clear your ideas and stock up on advice!

1. A location as a magnifying glass

Getting married in the countryside will allow you to enjoy a magical atmosphere, surrounded by nature, almost like a magnifying glass with the current season and the views of the place. So choose those locations ready to enhance all this: vineyards, farmhouses, farmhouses, farmhouses and old pergolas in the open countryside. The outdoor spaces will allow guests to enjoy the colors and scents of the moment, while the indoor rooms, those with exposed beams , fireplaces and stone chianche, will be a perfect plan B to shelter everyone in case in bad weather.

2. Settings that tell

The most beautiful settings are those that follow the natural trend of the seasons, only in this way, by blending the colors with the peculiarities of the place, you can create that common thread ready to make a break in the hearts of your guests. The decorations for a wedding in the countryside, from chairs to wedding placeholder ideas, must present that trait of discretion, elegance and refinement that leaves room for the most authentic nature. The most used materials are wood, jute, twine and wicker.

3. Not just flowers

Centerpieces and bouquets of flowers are enriched with elements borrowed directly from the countryside. Spikes, wildflowers, aromatic herbs, leaves, branches, fresh and dried fruits will give that rural touch in full symbiosis with the surrounding environment.

The advice is to follow the phases of country life, inserting the characteristic elements of that period such as the vine in September, wheat in June or chestnuts in October.

4. Eating well is an absolute imperative

For the menu, the best choice is to focus on zero km products: simple raw materials, fresh, seasonal products and above all enhanced thanks to traditional recipes. Wine, oil, cheeses, meats and fruits: the imperative is to bring genuine products to the table, transformed in a gourmet key. All this will have its importance especially if you have chosen a location that produces and cultivates directly on site, having available a farm, a vegetable garden, an olive grove, an orchard or a vineyard.

5. The plassè: the art of the country table

Organizing a wedding in the countryside will allow you to play with the elements of peasant life to bring back that typical rustic atmosphere in the art of the table. Start from the spirit of your event: an informal outdoor banquet can be organized in the form of buffets or picnics, with carts and food & beverage islands, hand-decorated dishes as in the typical peasant tradition and hay bales to accommodate guests. For a chic and intimate reception, you can have fun with rectangular tables or a long imperial table, white linen tablecloths, white ceramic plates and some lanterns to create a cozy and very romantic atmosphere. Have you organized an alternative banquet, which winks at the concept of eco-sustainability? Bet on crockery and recyclable materials!

6. Country wedding: how to dress

A wedding in the countryside is by no means an inelegant reception. If you, the bride and groom, can adapt the outfits to the spirit of the event, usually opting for light dresses, slipped lines, light shades and whimsical accessories, the dilemma is often hidden for the guests. How do you dress?

  • Show off colorful clothes and floral patterns;
  • Banned austere and extremely elegant clothes, especially if the context does not require it;
  • Green light to be short formal dress in champagne, hazelnut, peach, powder pink and green water;
  • Attention to footwear: it is better to focus on shoes with medium heels so as not to get caught between the clods;
  • Put in your bag a jacket, a sweater or a stole, perhaps colored or in ethnic style: an indispensable garment for outdoor weddings in the countryside;
  • Don’t give up on long formal dresses: a wedding in the countryside is the perfect opportunity to show off your gipsy or hippie style.

The environment and the scenario in which your wedding will take place are the factors that will contribute to making that day unforgettable for both you and your guests. And if you love the countryside deeply, do not give up pronouncing the sentences for marriage in a small church surrounded by nature or in a civil ceremony in the open air.

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