Tricks to Keep the Bathroom Impeccable

Bathroom Impeccable– The cleanliness of the bathroom is fundamental, among other things more because there live millions of germs and bacteria that cause diseases. That’s why you should do a thorough cleaning at least once a week .The cleaning of the bathroom is usually one of the most hated tasks in the house and, as I just explained, it should not be overlooked. Although, just dedicating fifteen minutes a day to the maintenance of this area of ​​the house, cleaning thoroughly will not be so tired. Then I give you some daily tricks to keep the bathroom impeccable.

Steam shower

the bathroom impeccable

First of all, I recommend that you take advantage of the moment after the shower to clean the bathroom. Well, with the water vapor you can clean the mirror or shine the tiles on the water side. Of course, you have to make sure that there is no residue or moisture or pieces of soap on the tiles or in the shower curtain. Remember that it is the best way to avoid the fungus.

Before going to sleep

It is also a good idea that before you go to sleep you empty your laundry basket. This will prevent the clothes from picking up the smell of humidity. This is also a good time for you to disinfect the toilets: you can use a specific product for the bathroom and let it act all night. It is also a good idea to light an aromatic candle before going to sleep and then enjoy a rich aroma in the morning.

Lime and sinks

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It is very important that you avoid the spots of lime in the screens and in the taps. Well in the taps just enough to pass every day a cloth, while in the screen I recommend you use a spatula limpiavidrios when the droplets are still wet. On the other hand, I recommend that you review the sink with a microfiber cloth and hot water to remove the remains of creams, shampoo, soap, makeup, among other things.


Finally, it is very important that you air the towels that you used when you gave yourself a shower because otherwise you will have an ugly smell. It is a very good idea to store them with bags with chalk, since these absorb moisture.

Impeccable meetings

Who has not witnessed the relentless passage of time and the elements on the state of the tile joints in the  bathroom ? Its white and neat image can turn dark as a result of humidity or soap but, quiet, to restore the splendor of yesteryear, nothing like resorting to traditional remedies. Arm yourself with an old toothbrush and prepare a solution based on water and bleach, the results are immediate and you can use it both for the joints of the floor and on the walls.

Dry the soap dishes thoroughly

the bathroom impeccable

Earthenware or plastic soap dishes are cleaned well with soap. For wooden soap dishes it will be good to rub them with a few drops of vinegar before cleaning it. All, and especially those of stainless steel, must be dried thoroughly after washing to prevent stains from forming limes.

With these simple daily tricks, we will avoid the use of toxic products and have to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning cleaning the bathroom. You will see what relief!

Always use a brush to clean the toilet after use , so it will be easier to clean.

Add vinegar to the toilets once a week , they will be perfect almost effortlessly.

After leaving the shower, if you have created a lot of steam, take the opportunity to dry the tiles with a cloth . They will be gleaming.

After each shower, dry the screen with a cotton cloth that does not leave lint; this way you will prevent the lime from getting embedded and you will save cleaning time later.

If you have a shower curtain, always rinse it after the shower so that no soap or foam remains. This will keep you clean longer.

Always have a microfiber cloth handy to review the faucet of the sink at night and prevent water or lime stains from accumulating.

How to maintain hygiene in the bathroom impeccable

discover the bathroom impeccable

  • Have all the necessary bathroom accessories, such as soap dispensers to maintain hand hygiene . Maybe we do not give it the importance it deserves, but the watertight products avoid the proliferation of germs and bacteria in the deposits, which makes it difficult to infect them in times of high viral presence.
  • Keep the toilet clean. The bacteriologist, the deodorizing grids for urinals and automatic toilet bowl tops are a great solution.
  • Do not let soap foam accumulate.
  • Try to keep mirrors, faucets and tiles clean and disinfected.
  • Ventilate the bathroom daily.
  • Put a closed container to throw garbage. The best option is a feminine hygiene container or hygienic containers for diapers , as well as a diaper changing table .
  • If the bathroom smells bad no matter how much you clean it and maintain it, it implements solutions for the elimination of bad odors .
  • Place dispensers of fragrances that maintain a pleasant aroma in the space and transfer the perception of cleanliness and hygiene that we have achieved thanks to the implementation of the previous seven tricks.

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