12 beauty routines to pamper yourself from head to toe

It is the right time for you to spend time with yourself and what better way to do it than with a spa at home, you will not regret it and above all it will fascinate you so much that you will make it a routine for every weekend.

Pay attention, because basically everything you are going to use is in your kitchen cupboard and that is the best of all, because you do not have to leave the house.

1. Rice water

In addition to being very easy to do, it is a very old trick, geisha used to use it very frequently to maintain beautiful and young skin, since it serves to soften, hydrate, moisturize and lighten the skin.

The only thing you need to do is put a half cup of rice to soak in water for 15 minutes, then liquefy and strain it; the water obtained from this process will go to the refrigerator for 15 minutes so that you can apply it to your body and leave it to act for 15 to 20 minutes before bathing.

2. Apply cold towels

With this you will be able to tone your skin as it will give it more firmness and will help you eliminate excess oil. You should wet a towel with water and put it in the freezer for 10 minutes, then place it on your clean face for 5 minutes. Try to make it as cold as you can bear.

3. Practice Otefuki

The Otefuki ritual comes from Japanese culture and is also about skin care. What you should do is wet a towel with hot water mixed with rosemary or lavender oil; The temperature of the fabric will help open the pores of your skin so that the oil enters and hydrates your skin. Let it act for about 15 minutes.

4. Brush your skin

You probably have never done this before, but brushing your skin is one of the best ways to start complete relaxation, as it stimulates circulation and removes dead cells. Remember to do it with a soft bristle brush and without exerting much pressure, or your skin will be affected.

5. Exfoliate your body

This may be a simpler idea in case you don’t have a bath brush to rub your skin, since both your body and skin need care; the exfoliation results are the same as in the previous point.

You can create your own scrub with coffee or brown or white sugar, honey, lemon and body oil; mix everything very well and you will rub it in a circular way throughout your body and after you bathe, you will see that your skin will have a very natural and beautiful glow.

6. Apply a face mask

The best thing that can happen to your skin is that you apply a mask and what better if it is natural, and there are dozens to try; each one has a goal, but rest assured that your skin will be different after you try one.

7. Give yourself a facial massage

This is an option that will make you sleep like a queen and that the skin of your face will really appreciate. You must do it with a little almond or coconut oil, including some facial gel, which you must apply and then start spreading as if it were your moisturizer; With your ring fingers and thumb you should give small pinches on the skin without causing pain, massaging all the areas, taking care in the area of the dark circles and eyelids. Do it for 15 minutes.

8. Pamper your eyes

If you think that despite sleeping better than before the dark circles do not go away or you just feel tired eyes, a good option is to make green tea and once it is warm, wet two cotton discs, lie down and place them on your eyes for 15 minutes in 5 minute intervals so you can wet the discs again. You will see that your eyes will feel better and the dark circles will decrease if you are constant.

9. Do your manicure and pedicure yourself!

We are probably not experts in doing manicures or pedicures, but the intention of a home spa is to do it ourselves, so try simple designs such as plain colors or the classic French; I assure you that small details like these lift your spirits and make you feel beautiful.

10. Pamper your mane

It is not all about the skin, and it is that you can also pamper your hair and in many ways, because there are masks that you can make at home for the scalp or for the hair itself. Don’t miss out on trying any of these recipes; Remember that you can also apply coconut oil and braid it if you do not feel like innovating.

11. Eat healthy

Now that you have time, enjoy it and give yourself all the love you can, and what better way to do it than by eating well, because although many times you do not believe it, everything we eat ends up being noticed outside, either on our skin or on physically, so try all those recipes that you crave so much and for which you didn’t have time.

12. Meditate and relax

Finally, the option that will help you relax internally and externally is meditation; dedicate from 10 minutes to an hour. You will see that you will feel better and you do not need much for it, just a quiet place and you can find hundreds of guided meditations on Spotify or YouTube.

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