Wheelchair Accessible Hobbies

If you are adjusting to life in a wheelchair, you might be wondering what activities and hobbies are available. You’ll be pleased to know that there are tons of accessible activities, so there is no excuse to say you’re bored! Here are some ideas:

Bird Watching

If you love all creatures, great and small, then bird watching is a thoroughly enjoyable hobby that doesn’t require extensive travel. Getting out into nature is a relaxing and mindful experience that works wonders for anxiety and stress. Check out beginners guides to bird watching to find out more.

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Another great outdoor activity but one that’s a little more interactive than bird watching. Many lakes and fisheries have worked hard on making their sites accessible and for those with limited arm mobility, rod holders are available. To get out and about, consider WAV Vehicles from a site like


If you’ve always fancied yourself as a bit of an archer, then this sport requires very little in terms of adjustments for wheelchairs. It is ideal for hand-eye coordination and offers a low impact activity that’s great for building upper body strength.

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Creative Writing

For something a little less active, why not put pen to paper (or type on a screen)? You might put your thoughts and feelings down in a journal, write your memoirs or escape into a world of exciting fiction. Writing is a wonderful form of self expression and provides benefits to mental health and self-esteem.

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