Working in a Special Education School, with Children who have Challenging Behaviours.

Anyone who has worked in a Special Needs School with Children who have Challenging Behaviours will attest to how difficult and exhausting it can be. There are a few days here and there, that you feel you are making a real difference to these children’s lives, but most days are fraught with the tension of not knowing when or why one of the children may experience a violent outburst. Hopefully you will receive some professional Challenging behaviour training from an elite training company such as  If you have been fortunate enough to attend a bespoke course on Challenging Behaviours at least you will have a much clearer understanding of why some children behave as they do.  Plus, you will have been taught special techniques and calming strategies to help the children remain calm.

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If you work in a close-knit Team and the rest of the Teaching Assistants in your class are as well trained as you are, then there’s a chance of consistently more days when you genuinely feel you are all making the children’s lives better and educating them, to reach their full potential.

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With a classroom of possibly only six children, three teaching assistants and a qualified Special Education teacher in charge, if you have all received professional training you definitely will be able to make a positive change to the children’s daily routines and actually educate them in a way they can understand.


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