Child Safety Tips Around the Home

Small household objects, like plastic bags, can suffocate or choke your child. Televisions and other large items should be placed on a stable base so children can’t pull them down. To prevent accidents, store your televisions on a lower shelf or secure them to the wall. TVs should be anchored to a wall. These are just a few of the things you need to think about as a new parent!

Keep windows and doors out of reach of small children. Children who don’t know the layout of a house they are visiting should be supervised at all times. A window or door might be left open and a child could slip and fall out of it. Don’t place heavy furniture near windows where children could climb onto them. Make sure to place a barrier at the base of the stairs also.

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Ensure that children can’t get stuck inside any appliances like chest freezers and tumble dryers, for example. Always lock the front door and ensure windows are locked too. If you have a staircase, place a barrier at the base of the stairs to prevent them from pulling it down. Also, keep toys and other items off of high shelves.

Considerations for outside the home include having a safe place for children to play without fear of wandering into traffic, leaving the property or being approached by strangers. The same considerations can be made regarding safety for pets on the property. One smart solution is the installation of automated gates. For an Electric Gate Company Cheltenham, visit a firm like completegateautomation.co.uk/

You should also store alcohol, cigarettes, flavored e-cigarette juice, and plastic bags away from children. Anything that could prove to be poisonous, especially medication should always be kept in a secure place well out of the reach of children.

Lastly, make sure the bathtub has a non-slip mat or safety treads and never leave a child unattended in a bath. Remember that a child can drown in just an inch of water.

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When you have small children, the kitchen and bathroom are the most dangerous places in the house. During playtime, they can easily grab something that is too hot for them off the stove so, make sure you keep hot items out of reach of children. Likewise, you should use plug protectors on electrical outlets. When opening and closing the cabinets, make sure the door has a lock on it and soft closing hinges. If your children are curious about different objects and materials, put them on a shelf well out of reach for your peace of mind.

Bed rails can be used to protect your small child from falling out of bed. Night lights will help visibility during the night and stair gates will prevent worrying about a small child falling down the stairs.


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