Classic Paris: What To See In The Ville Lumiere?

The French capital had not particularly attracted me perhaps because it was overly publicized or perhaps because it was simply not yet the time, however I preferred to travel the world as long as visiting the city of lovers. After that I made other trips to the Ville Lumiere because it really hit my heart, but with this post of mine I want to remember my first time where I limited myself, so to speak to visit tourist Paris, which still manages to excite even a traveler demanding.

What to see in Paris in 5 days?

After a bit of research I decided that, its turn had come: strange and exciting city Paris.

Visit Paris

I must say that it took a while to conquer me perhaps because of the bad weather but in the end I get back excited! It was a very romantic stay and there are many things that remained in my heart on that first trip and I would like to share with you what I liked most about classical Paris


La Butte de Montmartre turns on foot between ups and downs. I love getting lost in its alleys even if sometimes I had to dribble groups of inveterate tourists, but to turn the corner and find yourself at the foot of the Sacre Coeur is priceless.

Walking and thinking that people of the caliber of Van Gogh, Dali and Utrillo lived them makes the walk even more suggestive. We followed the walking itinerary suggested by the Lonley Planet and as always it was worth it!

Place des Vosges

Even just sitting and taking your time on a bench in the Ville Lumiere can have its why: Admiring what surrounds you and seeing the people around you, contemplating the city is also an experience.

Then we went on to have a coffee at Hugo and then wander under the arcades entering and exiting the many art galleries.

Jewish quarter Paris

Wandering through the streets of the Pretzel, in the Jewish quarter of Paris between trendy shop windows and Jewish families fully dressed and then ending the evening at chez Marianne with a nice dish of Jewish cuisine, perhaps having first stopped at le petit fer a chaval for an aperitif in a rue vielle du tempe.

Notre Dame

After the events in April that saw the cathedral destroyed by a fire, these memories of mine are even more exciting.

We entered Notre Dame in the evenings to listen to a Mass sung enjoying the atmosphere created by incense, even though it was difficult to alienate yourself from all the tourists who walked around you.

An unforgettable experience for the eyes and the spirit.


Get up in the morning, take the metro, get off at the Trocadero and enjoy the spectacle of the Eiffel Tower just around the corner. You see it in all the sauces, keychains, magnets, knick-knacks but the emotion you feel the first time you step in front of it is indescribable.

Go to the Palais de Tokyo for at least three good reasons: the location, the fotomatik that allows you to make beautiful lomographics passport photos and the impressive view of the Eiffel Tower among the buildings that you can enjoy by returning to the metro.

Sit on the green reclining chairs and watch the Parisians strolling in les jardins de Luxemburg.

Take a look, at least from outside, at the Institute of Arab Culture. The facade is reminiscent of a myriad of shutters.

Latin Quarter

Stroll in rue Mouffetard in the heart of the Latin quarter among raclette restaurants, cheese shops and butchers and then stop for lunch or even just for a pastis in La verre a pied, an unforgettable place!

Zizagare above and below the Viaduc de art between artisan shops and green gardens going down to the Place de la Bastille. We first walked the promenade Plantee and then we returned to the metro stopping in the various shops.

Enter to take a look at Merci even if our pockets do not allow us to buy anything that has been specially created by young designers for the boutique. It is worth a visit just to admire the space and the annexed caf├ęs.

Wade through the temporary exhibitions of the Maison Rouge and in the Jeu de pomme. We were lucky enough to admire hundreds of shots of the legendary Diana Arbus in the latter.

Another nice experience was to visit the Opera and stop with your nose up to admire the ceiling painted by Chagall.

Admire the animated Christmas windows of the Gallarie la Fayette.

Find Keith Heiring in St. Eustache.

Admire the dazzling white of Place Vendome.

The museums of Paris

Paris has a multitude of museums including some of the most important in the world. On our tour of Classical Paris: Ville Lumiere, we visited the Louvre with its mouth already open in front of the glass and steel pyramid in whose square the contemporary style meets the eighteenth-century splendor.

We then went to visit the other great Museum of Paris, the one located in the old D’Orsay station, the most important in the world for 19th century works. I love the works of the Impressionists on the fifth floor, Van Gogh on the second and Touluse-Lautrec on the ground floor.

In the D’Orsay museum, it is worth going to the restaurant on the fifth floor to enjoy the view of Montmartre from the back of the clock.

Wandering among the cultures of the Rodin Museum garden.

In the Pompidou center, there are many works of contemporary art, but even if you are not interested in the genre, it is worth just to admire it from outside the adjacent square with the fountain full of works of art in the center.

One last tip to tackle the Ville Lumiere: avoid the queues in large museums by purchasing entrance tickets through the Fnac, just go to the museum website and pay by credit card then go to one of the many branches in Paris with the same card of credit with which you paid and the identity card of the owner and you’re done.

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