Dating Slang People Are Using in 2023

The year 2023 has brought with it a number of unique terms, especially in the realm of romantic relationships and dating. The verbiage that surrounds the dating scene continually evolves, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest slang. In this article, we will navigate this evolving language to better understand the contemporary dating world.

Evolution of Dating Terminology

With the emergence of new dating platforms and the proliferation of digital communication, our vocabulary has expanded significantly. While some terms have their roots in past decades, many are relatively new products of our increasingly digitized culture. Let’s demystify some of the most used dating terms in 2023.


“Fleabagging,” a term that was popularized by the hit TV show, Fleabag, refers to the habit of continually dating the wrong type of person for you. Despite recognizing the incompatibility, individuals who “fleabag” repeatedly find themselves in relationships that are far from ideal.

White Clawing

If you’re familiar with the popular spiked seltzer, you may get the gist of this one. “White clawing” refers to dating someone who you find physically attractive but mentally or emotionally uninspiring. Much like the beverage, the relationship might be enjoyable on the surface but lacks depth or substance.


In 2023, the term “situationship” has gained much prominence. Unlike a traditional relationship, a situationship is characterized by its casual nature and lack of defined terms. These non-committal, often complicated scenarios are usually devoid of explicit labels and expectations.


“U-turning” refers to the abrupt decision to end a relationship upon discovering a deal-breaking trait or circumstance about your partner. This term signifies an unexpected, sharp change of heart, similar to the vehicular maneuver it’s named after.


“Dial-toning” is a relatively recent term describing the situation when someone gives you their number, only to never reply when you reach out. It’s reminiscent of the dial tone heard when a call is not being answered – hence, the name.

Sugar Dating

Here, typically, a younger individual, referred to as the “sugar baby,” is in a relationship with an older, financially stable individual, known as the “sugar daddy” or “sugar mama.” This form of dating has its own specific sugar dating terminology, which has evolved considerably over the years. For instance, the term “Splenda daddy/mama” refers to someone who wishes to fulfill the role of a sugar daddy/mama but lacks the means to do so.


Another trend we’ve noticed is “cause-playing.” This term refers to an ex reaching out to you long after the relationship has ended under the guise of a noble cause. This could be anything from asking for your vote for a pet project to seeking your signature for a charity.

The Zoomerangs

As we explore further, we encounter another term that has gained traction in 2023 – “Zoomerang.” This term has sprouted from the integration of digital technology in dating. A “Zoomerang” refers to an individual who keeps coming back in your video chats, especially when you’ve explicitly shown disinterest.


“Soft-ghosting” is another term that’s gained popularity in recent years. It refers to the act of subtly reducing communication with someone until contact ceases without a clear-cut decision to end things. This usually involves not initiating conversations and giving short, non-committal replies until the conversation fizzles out.

Power Dating and Its Terminology

Another aspect of modern dating is “power dating,” which involves juggling multiple dates or relationships simultaneously. It’s characterized by an individual keeping their options open and non-exclusive until they find someone who they believe is worth committing to.


Throning” is a term that refers to dating someone to enhance your own social status or popularity. This is more prevalent in situations where one partner has a significantly higher social standing or is more widely recognized in their community.

In Conclusion: The Modern Dating Lexicon

In the end, it becomes clear that our dating terminology reflects the current societal and technological trends. From “fleabagging” to “white clawing,” “throning” to “soft-ghosting,” these terms provide a glimpse into the dating norms of 2023.

Keeping pace with the ever-evolving dating language is no easy task, but understanding these terms helps us communicate more effectively and navigate the intricate nuances of modern dating. Even with the influx of these new terms, it’s important to remember the timeless values that make relationships meaningful – respect, communication, understanding, and, of course, love.

While dating slang of 2023 might seem daunting initially, comprehending these terms allows for better communication and a smoother journey in the quest for love. Dating will undoubtedly continue to evolve, and with it, so will our language. As we move forward, we can only wait and see what new terms the future of dating will introduce.

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