Expensive mistakes to avoid as a leader

We continue the theme of leadership with some tips to authoritatively exercise your position as a manager both within a company for which you work, and in the positions of manager of your production organization.

Expensive mistakes

As a leader, you must first set a good example and always be a reliable model for your team. It’s not possible to be perfect, that’s for sure. But when mistakes occur, like any good leader, you should make sure they never happen again. Avoiding making costly mistakes in profits is all the more desirable if you want to exert your leader qualities to the fullest, because these can largely affect your credibility.

1. Don’t be democratic

Making decisions by yourself, without consulting anyone and expecting your teammates to obey your orders blindly is a mistake that you absolutely must not make. If you think this is the best way to show your authority, you’re very wrong. In fact, whenever you choose this path, the people who make up your team will lose interest in working for you, as their opinions and ideas will not be appreciated at all. You will see yourself as a high attrition rate in your work group and your senior manager about why the team’s results are so poor could even question you!

2. Don’t be practical

When you assign tasks to your team, you must be very reasonable and practical. You should understand the strengths and weaknesses of the group before delegating them to their respective jobs. Assigning specific, measurable, acceptable, real-time and time-based goals is the mark of a good leader. When too much time is spent charging people who have too little time to work on goals, they will only get poor and unreliable results due to the pressure exerted on team members. They will start to feel insecure and their levels of motivation will not capture the best in the best way. As a leader, you can’t really afford it.

3. Curbing their freedom

When you have assigned tasks to your team with all the details of the deadlines required, all you have to do is allow them to work in peace. When you continue to micro-manage their work, your employees will feel intimidated and lose their interest in the job. A good leader is one who offers his team full freedom, a person who encourage work smarter not harder and propose creative ideas to complete the work more effectively in time and without problems. Not giving them the freedom to work can create a very negative impact on their productivity.

4. Partial behavior

The first thing you need to learn when you are a leader is to give fair treatment to all members of your team, both new and experienced. A particular candidate may have been referred by you or could be known by you or perhaps it could be an exceptional executive element but this does not mean that you favor it by giving it responsibilities and opportunities for growth that you do not grant to other people in your group. Treat everyone with integrity to earn respect from all of your team members.

5. Don’t acknowledge a good job

Motivation is one of the main reasons for increasing productivity and success in any organization. Employees are motivated when they are recognized and appreciated for the good work they have done. When you ignore their results and continue acting like nothing happened, your team will eventually lose interest in working for you. You pass that the team members are not publicly rewarded in the presence of their colleagues but you have to refrain from repressing them and take them back in front of someone, as this can greatly affect their self-esteem.

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