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Exploring the Aspects of Marketing and Sales in Business Organization

When it comes to sales and marketing, some key variations do exist between the roles and responsibilities. Here is a look at the key aspects that ensure effective performance of the job roles.

Marketing and sales are two completely different aspects of an organization. Though they share a standard objective of generating good business revenue for the corporate, they have distinct functions and therefore need distinct skills to ensure better and effective handling of the roles and responsibilities. Moreover, the roles and responsibilities of every position is so specified and specialized that not everybody can handle the role effectively.

When it comes to sales and marketing, some key variations do exist between the roles and responsibilities. Here is a look at the key aspects that ensure effective performance of the job roles.

Goals and Activities

Sales generally target people or small teams for achieving immediate goals. Marketing, on the opposite hand, targets a bigger cluster and generally has semi permanent goals. The standard goal of marketing is to develop interest among people towards the products/services, generate leads, and develop sales cluster focuses.

Marketing involves a series of activities like market research, development, advertising product to boost awareness, complete building, etc., whereas, sales involves direct interaction with the prospects and persuading them to buy the products/services as suggested by the renowned businessperson Joel Kocher. On the opposite hand, sales activities stop once the sale is closed.

Customer Orientation

Marketing focuses on the wants of the target market and plans to satisfy the client demands. It initially determines customers’ desires then, formulates a product that satisfies those requirements. It basically views business as a client satisfying method.

Contrary to this, the target of sales team is to sell the product offered by the business organization regardless of the needs/choices of consumers. From the view of the sales department, business is all about changing inventory of finished product into money.

The idea of Marketing is completely different from sales

Marketing could be a broader and wider idea. It’s not simply confined to merchandising or advertising product. The foremost aim of marketing is to meet customers’ desires and wishes by providing them with the sort of product they are searching for. Marketing efforts are such that the client genuinely gets fascinated while purchasing the product.

According to Joel Kocher Marketing could be an end of the day method, and continues even when merchandising the products/services to ensure client satisfaction. The final objective of marketing is to create client loyalty to the optimal

On the opposite hand, sales is developed more on a straightforward idea, and is confined to merchandising product and reaching the allotted sales targets. Once the merchandise has been developed or leads are generated, sales personnel got to flip the leads into customers by persuading the purchasers to buy the merchandise.

Skill set:

From the above discussion, it’s clear that marketing and sales are two completely different job prospects. So, it’s obvious that someone having the skills of sales job cannot succeed in the marketing job and vice-versa.

Compared to sales, marketing could be a complicated, nevertheless fascinating method. To develop a winning marketing strategy, the team needs a combination of attributes like power, abstract and analytical skills, co-ordination, analysis skills, decision-making. Whereas, in sales persuasion plays an important role. The power to speak company’s prospects in an exceedingly clear and pithy method that persuades prospective client to shop for the merchandise is extremely essential.

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