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6 best tips to learn how to promote your YouTube channel

Read these tips and discover how to promote your YouTube channel intelligently. If you are a content creator, you know very well how difficult it is to get followers, is not it?

There are several platforms available on the Internet, but all of them share the need to conquer more public. Otherwise, even if we were talking about the best content in the world, we would not have anyone to see it. So, if you’re wondering “how to promote your channel?” Do not worry, because you found the post you wanted so much!

To help you reach more people with the content you produce, continue reading and learn how to get started!

What are the advantages to promote your YouTube channel?

promote your YouTube channel

The disclosure brings together a series of strategies, such as sponsored links, email marketing, partnerships with other channels, etc., that will help you to distribute your content better for the public that interests you.

When well applied, these actions can provide excellent advantages for your YouTube channel growth. You can, for example:

  • Originate more engagement and communicate better with the public;
  • To achieve that laborious contents produce more benefit when increasing the interested public;
  • Get followers and retain viewers;

Learn how to promote your YouTube channel content on the Internet

We know that creating good quality content can often be a big challenge. But it is not worth anything to maintain a good channel if you do not have an audience.

At the same time, it does not help either to have thousands of disinterested followers and contents that present few visualizations and interactions.

Contrary to what many people think, you do not need to invest money fables to increase the reach of your content. Just focusing on some details can change the way the Internet interprets and organically promotes your material.

Even though paid disclosure gives excellent results, it is interesting to know these practices well before investing your precious capital.

Read some good suggestions below!

1. Know well the platform to promote your YouTube channel

This is the most important suggestion of all. For example, if you work with YouTube, the best tool you have to disseminate your content is YouTube itself.

Then, try to understand how the metrics of that platform work, what it considers and disregards when sharing and recommending content.

To begin, do the following:

  • See how to organize your publications on the platform;
  • Discover which frequency of publications receives more relevance and adjusts yours;
  • Try to know what users are looking for in the platform;
  • Understands how to create titles and descriptions relevant to the platform.

A good way to better understand your platform is by using its own tool, Analytics, which is on several platforms and allows you to analyze various aspects of your work.

In addition, some of these platforms also offer their own courses that teach how to use such tools, such as Youtube Creator Academy.

2. Identify and meet your audience

How can you communicate effectively with your audience, if at least you do not know who you are, what you want to consume and, mainly, where you are most present?

It is important to know deeply the interests and habits of people prone to consume your content.

Therefore, learn to define your target audience and your buyer persona, which are concepts that will guide your strategies and allow you to reach the right people with your promotion.

3. Use keywords well

It seems simple to choose the keywords, but you need to do it with care. It is important to discover which are those that are related to your content and which result in greater benefits in engagement.

Thus, when you apply them strategically in your content, you will make your audience find you more easily.

A good way to select interesting hashtags is by observing your platform’s own suggestions.

Simply open the browser in an anonymous window and investigate. The terms that appear in the search field tend to be the ones that people are looking for most at the moment.

Another even more efficient suggestion is that you use the Keyword Planner, a free Google Ads tool that, in addition to selecting the most relevant terms, also shows how often they are searched.

4. Use social networks to promote your YouTube channel

Social networks are points of involvement full of opportunities! Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter are some of the social networks in which your audience is probably present.

Therefore, whenever you prepare content, do not stop publishing it in the main media that make sense for you according to the profile of your ideal client. Remember we talked about the importance of knowing your buyer person? Well, that’s it!

In addition to maintaining a good frequency of dissemination posts, in order to maintain the involvement of your followers, it is also highly recommended to create persuasive calls to action and attractive images to attract the attention of users.

5. Learn about email marketing

Email marketing is a very good practice to maintain contact with the public, update it of the news and make sales.

To use it, we recommend that you obtain the emails of your audience, offering rich materials, inviting them to subscribe a newsletter, creating a capture page or a pop-up on your Web page.

Never think of buying lists of emails, that negatively affects the reputation of any brand!

When you have a base of emails from people really interested in your content, it is important to nurture them with personalized emails and good quality content with a certain frequency, always eagerly and using good email marketing practices.

6. Invest in sponsored links

In addition to the free methods, you can also invest capital in the promotion process.

You must be asking yourself “how to promote your YouTube channel without having saved capital?” Well, in reality, it is not necessary to invest much, on the contrary, we recommend that you do it little by little and that you measure the results frequently, precisely to validate the need for investment.

In Google, paid campaigns can be done through Google Adwords and can be advertised in the search results -using the research network- or in associated Web pages with contents similar to the one the user is consuming, through the network display.

And by Google Ads, you also manage to set up video marketing campaigns to appear on Youtube.

In social networks, you can use the tools of Social Ads (Facebook Business – for Facebook and Instagram and Twitter Ads). In them, you can create sponsored links with segmentation, promote publications and analyze the results.

Let’s Start to promote your YouTube channel!

There are countless ways to achieve followers on the Internet, but it is important that you select the ones that are most aligned with your goal, your audience and your budget.

And always remember: your strategies should start by analyzing your audience and be well planned before putting them into practice. In this way, any action will be easier and more efficient.

Well, we imagine that all these suggestions have served as an initial push, right?

Jhonney Brown

The writer of this article, currently manages his own blog for lifestyle and spread happiness and is managing to do well by mixing online marketing and traditional marketing practices into one.

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