10 free games for Android and iOS that you don’t know so as not to get bored in quarantine

Finding free games for Android and iOS these days is not easy. The App Store and Play Store are full of productions of all kinds and quality almost every day, and finding something really fun can take a long time. This article was created with the aim of offering you 10 games sufficiently original for Android and iOS for free, therefore freely downloadable on your mobile devices. We avoided slightly more famous titles such as the highly played Call of Duty: Mobile, or Archero, Clash Royale, Asphalt 9, Hearthstone and similar. Instead, we focused on titles that are a little more unknown or that have recently made their debut on the stores. Some of these games have been reported on our Facebook group. We would also like to update this article with your advice; we are waiting for you in the comments section!

Sky – Children of Light

On the App Store, it has been available for a few weeks; Android users instead can play it relatively recently. This is the latest effort by the authors of Journey and Flower, also a rather particular experience designed not only to stimulate sight and hearing (play it with headphones, it is particularly recommended), but also to meet and socialize with other players from Worldwide. In Sky you fly, literally, in 7 different dream realms to discover the mystery that lies behind the particular game world. Also recommended because of the positivity it transmits. Among other things, new seasonal events are planned, expansion of the seven explorable dream realms and much more.

Warzone – turn based strategy

The idea for this game came from one of the users of our Facebook group. Imagine a Risiko on a global scale without the “luck” component. So you don’t expect gameplay identical to the famous board game, but only inspired. It is the developers themselves who say that this is not a pay-to-win: all games offer rules that put players on an equal footing. You can play alone against the CPU (there are thousands of levels) or against real players, up to 40 in one session. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s cross-platform, there are clans, tournaments, rankings, open games, mods … A real mine of fun in short.

I love Hue

This advice also comes from our Facebook group. The developers define it as “a harmonious journey into the world of colors and perceptions”, created “for all lovers of quality puzzles, or for those who want to carve out an instant of visual fulfillment”. It is a puzzle game based, as you may have guessed, on colors, shades and on the completion of perfect chromatic spectra. To welcome you will find over 900 levels to be solved, a relaxing soundtrack that blends perfectly with the colors and the minimal aesthetic of the whole and obviously the possibility of sharing the results or comparing them with the world averages.


To be honest, it is not the first video game of this type to make its appearance on the Play Store and App Store, but among the available ones, it is what we have appreciated the most. The mechanics are very simple: you drive a car trying to crash as little as possible to reach the greatest possible distance. To do this, stop on the screen to the right or left to turn or brake. On the way, you will have to be able to take advantage of petrol stations, collect power-ups and donuts to distract the police and consequently avoid impacts, head-ons and other accidents. Consequently, you must always keep an eye on the (small) life bar and the residual petrol. The graphics and the game concept itself are inspired by the action movies of the 70s. It is certainly not a Real Racing or an Asphalt, but it is still a pastime that makes you love!

Dead by Daylight Mobile

The graphic sector, we must admit, is not its strong point. However, we are still talking about the port of a game usually dedicated to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC! The gameplay is in fact identical and the touch controls, even if they require a little training, manage to give their results. How does it work? 1 player plays a killer who hunts 4 other players in a nightmare scenario; a sort of “guard and thieves 2.0”. In the game, you will find, among other things, various skins dedicated to some of the most famous horror films of all time, such as Michael Myers, Amanda Young of SAW, Ghost Face and the Demogorgon of Stranger Things. It will definitely improve with the course of the weeks, so be patient if you encounter bugs or problems.

Void Tyrant

A sort of Blackjack, Twenty-one for non-angolophones, immersed in a science fiction context with role-playing and collectible card game dynamics. There is only one problem: if you are not just a minimum of English speakers maybe there is no need to play it. With the symbols that are on the various cards, you understand something, but in fact it is possible to compose real decks (we do not translate this on purpose) that depend on the combos you decide to try to make during the games. Once past this rock, you will explore maze-like / dungeon-like encounters with monsters and other obstacles. During the fights, cards are drawn in the hope of not exceeding certain thresholds, those who make the largest sum do more damage without going too far. Very nice, and in-apps aren’t that invasive (if you have a little patience).

King Crusher

A game as simple as it is fun. It is a rogue-like RPG with precisely intuitive but original mechanics. The player puts up a team of fighters choosing from 12 character classes. At this point, we will face increasingly difficult levels in which we will have to move the characters on grids made up of square boxes with targeted swipes. Some classes are meant to be on the front lines, others in the rear to hit hard. Can you keep them moving to maximize attacks and abilities while avoiding enemy hits? There are also paper RPG-style game elements. Everything is immersed in a really cute pixel-art fantasy context!

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars

We were undecided whether or not to put it on this list, but considering that Clash Royale is still particularly widespread among players around the world, a valid alternative can always be appreciated. Stormbound has its own style, with graphics that mix 2D and 3D elements. Collectible card decks are built that represent units from 4 different kingdoms in constant struggle for power. Playing the cards we see them come to life on the game board. You can play without giving start spending money compulsively, but as usual, it also depends on you and how you want to approach the game. If you appreciate the genre, however, give it a chance.

Motorsport Manager Online

You might know the Motorsport Manager managerial series dedicated to mobile devices and PCs (there is also on Steam!). These are usually paid games, and you may not know that a free-to-play version designed for online competitions has recently arrived on the Android and iOS stores. In Motorsport Manager Online you compete in various types of championships (with different car classes) competing in contemporary multiplayer races for 10 players. The key points of the series are still there, in their place: management of the team, driver engagement, commands in real time during the races, possibility to observe the laps in 3D and much more. It may have problems of youth (server stability more than anything else), but slowly the situation is improving.

Rocky Rampage: Wreck ’em Up

We close with something extremely light, a carefree pastime whose game mechanics are clearly inspired by many other games of the past. Poor Boulder Cobblestone stole the entire collection of fashion underwear. To retrieve them, he will be taken to a muster by an altered warthog in order to be thrown as far as possible. To reach an even greater distance he will jump on other animals with bombs and take advantage of expedients such as dynamite, energy drinks and the like. As the game continues, the mechanics become more and more stratified. Simple, as already mentioned, but still fun and able to tear a few smiles.

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