IT Product Development: Games vs Apps

IT product development has become one of the most fruitful and farsighted industries. But what are the underlying differences and nuances when it comes to implementing particular solutions? Let’s talk about two of the most popular areas of development – games and applications.

Game Development Companies Production

Game development forms an advanced modern industry with a rich history and great prospects. We all play from time to time. According to statistics, 65% of Americans play video games daily. This direction of the IT business, although it mostly results in fun games for leisure, is still based on a rather complex multi-level process.


The creation of a new game usually involves many specialists with different specializations. Going into more detail, there is a good number of unique professions that are required in game development companies. Keep reading how to tame foxes in minecraft.

Professionals involved in creating modern video games:

  • producer;
  • project manager;
  • game designers;
  • marketers;
  • 2D artists;
  • 3D modelers;
  • special effects artists;
  • sound engineer;
  • technical artist;
  • testers;

The whole process of creating a game mainly consists of three aspects:

  1. Design (drawing graphics, writing music, recording sound, developing an interface);
  2. Mechanics (development of rules and modes, adjustment of internal logic);
  3. The plot and the related components (characters, dialogs).

How games are created in game development companies

Responsibilities are strictly distributed. 2D/3D artists are engaged in rendering the visual part, programmers develop mechanical processes, actors and screenwriters work on the content. Everyone is busy with their own business. As for designing and writing an action plan, this area of the responsibility belongs to the game designer.

When all the details need to be combined together, game development outsourcing company passes the underlying tasks on to programmers. The rest of the participants provide additional help in the general aspects. As in any other area of IT development, the work of testers is necessary. They should check the game for errors. Producers, marketers, and PR people work mainly on introducing the game to the user audience.

The crucial component of game development is the interaction of a game designer with programmers. Their collaboration must be very clearly coordinated for the correct implementation of the final product. Other processes can vary greatly depending on the project scope and needs.


Some directions can be combined, some can be completely excluded. On average, programmers make up about 25% of a team, which means teams are made up of very different people. So if we talk about the industry-wide issues, then experts say that internal communication requires a special approach.

App Development Companies Production

Today, the development of mobile applications seems like a fairly young industry, but it holds a leading position among other areas of IT. After all, every business, from corporate giants to small stores, has to have a dedicated mobile app.


This industry is booming and gaining more momentum by the day. Each day, app development companies release 6,140 mobile applications on Google Play. But in order to implement one such product, the work of a whole team of specialists is required.

Professionals involved in app development:

  • client;
  • project manager;
  • business analyst;
  • UI/UX designer;
  • development engineers;

How apps are created in app development companies

The initial stage involves writing a clear technical task for the further development cycle. At this stage, it is also necessary to determine the goals that the finished software should achieve, define the issues to be solved, and analyze competitor solutions.

The work of a business analyst is to monitor the market and come up with a proper monetization scheme. As in any other field of IT, the help of marketers and PR specialists may be required – they will work on the attraction of the target audience.

Software engineers of app development companies develop the basic app properties and features, the server part and APIs, configure storage and data processing. Designers are responsible for the visuals and UX according to the previously approved client requirements. Often, a copywriter service is also required for filling the app with consistent text info.

Testing is crucial. Different testing methods are used depending on the project specifics. This can be either automated error checks or manual testing for compliance with all declared characteristics. After thorough testing, the app may be finalized. The last important thing is to upload it to Google Play and the App Store.

Advantages & Differences

The information technology industry is one of the fastest-growing today. Companies that choose to operate in one specific area must meet the narrow requirements of this area. The differences in these requirements are quite noticeable, but each of the branches (apps and games) has its own distinct advantages.


Mobile applications are extremely popular nowadays. Every self-respecting IT company strives to keep up with the timely technological trends and enter the world of mobile software most profitably. Development can be carried out with a “standard set of specialists” and internal communication isn’t regulated too strictly, since most of the team members work in the same direction.

Game development, on the other hand, needs a more creative approach and complex recruitment of specialists. Despite the subtle specifics and high technical requirements for the experience of the team, the approach to the technologies and programming languages, this area is more lightweight. For example, C++ is still a leading coding language in game development.

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