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Smart-working: 5 effective ways to relax body and mind

Now that you work in smart-working, do you feel, paradoxically, even more stressed. Despite our adaptation skills, transforming your home into a functional office is not always easy, and even less comfortable. We offer you 5 simple exercises with which you can relax body and mind at the same time!

Suddenly, with the advent of a global pandemic, we were forced to work in a smart-working way. Although this has brought significant benefits to our routine (getting up later in the morning, avoiding public transport or getting stuck in traffic, working comfortably in slippers), at the same time, we had to review the layout of our home, in an attempt to derive a space that could become our new office and adapt it to our working needs. There are those who work in the kitchen, surrounded by cups of coffee, those who lie on the sofa and those, the luckiest ones, on the terrace, where it is possible to stock up on vitamin D.

However, these improvised solutions are not always optimal for our well-being, physical and mental, for this reason we offer you 5 effective precautions to take care of your person during smart-working. Your body will thank you!

1. You deserve a break!

Every hour or so, try to disconnect for a few minutes from your workstation. Take a walk along the corridor that connects the bedroom to the living room, stretch your legs, and empty your head for a moment. Without the canonical coffee breaks with your colleagues, you risk working non-stop and this can weigh heavily on your psychophysical state. To prevent this from happening, get up from your chair, step away from the computer, and enjoy your well-deserved relaxation for 10 minutes.

2. Stand up with your back!

Not everyone, at home, has comfortable ergonomic chairs; therefore, it is quite common to work sitting on banal kitchen stools, certainly not a cure for the back. If you fall into the latter category, we recommend that you change your position cyclically. In addition, you can help relieve tension with a few simple exercises: stretch your arms and gently straighten your neck and back, in this way you will widen the rib cage, helping you breathe better. Then, breathe in and out for 5 seconds respectively, you will immediately feel regenerated!

3. Stretch!

Do you spend whole days sitting / and, towards evening, do you have aching joints – or worse – creaking like rusty doors? The time has come to stretch! Stretch like a newly awakened cat and stretch your body to relax the muscles. You can even get up or lie down, if you deem it necessary. Take advantage of the absence of your colleagues and, without fear of attracting perplexed glances, repeat these postural exercises whenever you sense a sense of physical malaise.

4. Try yoga!

This oriental discipline in smart-working is particularly suitable for the simultaneous well-being of body and mind. Do you feel tired and under pressure? Yoga! Are you as tight as a violin string? Yoga! Do you suffer from muscle pain due to incorrect posture? Yoga! In short, this activity has multiple benefits and will help you find that much desired harmony between body and mind, which – especially in this context – is easy to lose.

5. Close your eyes!

When you feel you are on the verge of a nervous breakdown, before finally collapsing, try, for a moment, to close your eyes. Take deep breaths and put a hand on your abdomen to feel the air filling your belly. Visualize a happy memory, travel with your mind until you reach your place of the heart, imagine the embrace of a loved one. These little tricks will help you find serenity and, as soon as you feel ready, open your eyes again, you will see that you will have the necessary temper to face and solve the problem that disturbs you.

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