Tips for a successful garage sale

Filled with things you do not use in your home? Then try to get them some money with a garage sale. These sales are popular in the United States throughout the summer. Since you can work from your own patio without problems. If you want your garage sale to be as lucrative as possible, then follow these tips.

Top tips for a successful garage sale

successful garage sale

Decide what you want to sell a few days before. Do not look for things to sell the same day of the sale.

In the previous weeks, check all your house for unnecessary things and leave them separated in your garage or another part of your home where you have space.

Give a simple cleaning to everything you are going to sell, so that it looks more attractive to buyers. Sprinkle everything, air shoes and clothes and clean the toys a little with a disinfectant. You do not need to do a big cleaning, just enough so that buyers feel confident.

Organize things by category. To help buyers find what they need, separate what you are selling. Put all the cooking things together. The toys at another table, clothes on another corner. Use baskets to store smaller things, but make sure everything is in view. For large things, use tables or blankets on the floor or grass.

Choose a good day. Most garage sales are on Saturdays or Sundays. Before choosing a day, make sure there is no special event or sports game that prevents people from shopping.

the successful garage sale

A few days before, he also checks the weather. If it rains, people will hardly go out to look for garage sales.

Advertise your sale. Post signs with the day, time and address on street corners near your home and on more frequently used streets a few days before the sale. Use arrows to mark the way if your direction is complicated.

You can also use balloons on the day of sale so that as many people find it.

Advertise your sale online. Use your social media accounts, as well as classified pages like Craigslist or other local.

Start early. People looking for garage sales go out to buy early, because by noon it is too hot to walk from patio to patio. Begin your garage sale at 8 in the morning at the latest, and have everything ready at that time. If you want you can try to sell after noon, but keep in mind that most people in general are back by that time.

Negotiate prices. If someone offers you less money for your sofa, but it seems very little, lower the price for a few dollars. Try to find a medium where you and the buyer are happy. It is preferable that your things are sold for less than not sold completely. Many times, being our belongings, we tend to put a price higher than what a person would pay.

discover garage sale

Sell with others. If your garage sale does not offer many things, buyers can stay long. To solve this problem, join other friends who want to make a garage sale.

If people see more things for sale, they have more chances to stop.

Leave clothes outside. When you sell clothes, do not leave it all folded in boxes, hang it on hooks so that it looks attractive to buyers. If you plan to sell shoes, leave them outside in an orderly manner and separated by pair.

Offers bottles of water. If you are a friendly seller, you have more chances to sell. It offers bottled water or if you are an entrepreneur, many people sell water and soft drinks and take out extra money for sale. Even your children can put a stand to sell cookies or other snacks.

Have coins and small change. If you do not have change, you may lose the sale. Do not count on the cash you plan to earn. Have coins and several dollar bills handy.

top garage sale

Let people try electronic items. Have extension cords to test everything electronic. You can lose a sale if someone is not sure that your music player works.

Donate everything you have left, do not turn your home into a mess. If you want to try to sell what you have left on another occasion, then leave it separate in your garage.

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