5 keys to paint the garage store: colors, materials and inspiration

All those who have their own garage store at home will surely have already realized that it is a great advantage. And also that it does not stop having some drawbacks. One of them focuses on the maintenance of this hidden space, which usually goes unnoticed. Today we give you some very useful tips to paint the garage store. Keep them in mind for the future.

To save the car, bicycles and a lot of other things. To have a work space where nobody bothers you. And you can dedicate yourself to the tasks that you like. To have an extra storage room that comes from pearls to vent other areas of the house that are usually saturated. In short, having a garage is a luck. Discover what to do to paint the garage store and leave it beautiful.

There are few things more subjective than decoration (what I love, it may seem horrible to you and vice versa). And there are also thousands of ways to paint the garage store. The choice of colors is what sets the trend. Although there are other formulas to paint a garage in a different way. We tell you some.

What color should paint the garage store?

the garage store

There is no clear and forceful answer to a question like this. Everything depends on our preferences, on the use we give to the space, etc. It is not the same if you use the garage only to store the car. If you have set up a small workshop and spend a lot of time in it.

In general, garages are dark spaces, which do not have windows and, therefore, do not enjoy too much natural light. That’s why we could recommend light colors that enhance the luminosity .

However, if we focus on spaces that are very dirty (and cleaned less than the rest of the house. All must be said), then the most appropriate and logical would be to choose colors more suffered, dark.

Always choose quality materials

When the time comes to choose the products that you will use to paint the garage store, keep in mind that you deserve to invest a little more and opt for quality products. The garages are areas of much racking, with the car in and out daily, and a good painting guarantees a longer duration and greater resistance.

This can be extended to all the materials that we use in the garage: from insulators to paint, either for floors or for walls.

Bet on the target

paint the garage store

Although we have already said that the garage is usually a “dirty” space, there are those who do not mind using white for walls and ceilings. This helps you to combat the shortage of light and encourages a bit the atmosphere of a stay that can be somewhat overwhelming.

The good thing about painting the garage store in white is that you can always give it a good face wash by applying a coat of paint from time to time. This is more difficult if you have the walls painted with other more complex colors.

Everything to gray

best the garage store

This option uses the opposite arguments that the previous proposal to paint the garage store with white. If you decide to put the walls of a sophisticated medium gray color, you will notice that they are kept clean and as new for much longer. Or at least it seems, of course.

However, the garage can be a much darker place, especially if you do not have a window or a skylight that provides some natural light.

An idea that seems very decorative if you decide to paint the gray garage is to integrate into the walls a wardrobe system that helps you maintain order , with the doors painted the same gray of the wall so that they are completely integrated.

Inspire yourself in the motor world

keys to paint the garage store

You may use it for a million different things, but what makes sense of a garage, what really is in its essence is to use it as a place to store the car. And who says car, means also motorcycle or motorcycle. In short, our vehicle.

And that functionality implicit in this part of the house can serve as a source of inspiration to paint the garage store. How? Using colors that are related to the world of Motorsport, such as red, orange, white and black, etc.

And also other resources such as stripes, friezes or black and white checkered floors checkerboard style. Something that reminds the flag that is used in the competitions of cars and motorcycles to indicate that the race is over.

How to paint the garage floor

The floor is one of the surfaces that we have to take into account when painting the garage store. There are specific paints for garage floors that are very resistant, practical and durable.

You can do this task yourself, since it is not too complex. Start by preparing the soil, repairing cracks and defects that may have (with cement mortar). When dry clean the floor with a decreasing product and apply a primer with the help of a special roller (to which you have to attach an extension).

Then apply two coats of paint, letting it dry completely between both, starting at the bottom of the garage and going back to the entrance. If you want, you can paint signaling stripes with reflective paint. And you? What ideas do you prefer to paint the garage store?

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