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How Denim came about.

We all love a bit of Denim. Jeans are still one of the most worn items of clothing partly because they pretty much go with anything and everything. They can come in a variety of styles and outfits including jackets and even dungarees. You can now get them in different colours and shades or even embellishments. A great idea is to combine them with some nice XV Kings Shoes like the ones that you can get from How did denim come about?

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Denim is believed to have emerged somewhere in the 1700’s in Europe. Which European nation we have to thank for this, though, has seen a bit of a controversy. Some may claim that denim originated in France, although others say they are a pure-bred English descendants. There is, however, clear evidence pointing to Italy as the first country to commercialise denim. What is for sure is it all started with a salesman named Levi Strauss.

With a pair of jeans that he had changed by adding metal rivets, a tailor named Jacob Davis approached Strauss. The two men collaborated, while Strauss was the main brain behind the business, Davis was the creative genius behind the product and thought the two should sell them as a great “Improvement in Fastening Pocket-Openings. Both of them made jeans out of vintage denim. Both robust and comfortable, they did prove to be.

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Without their Ten gallon hats  and boots, Cowboys just wouldn’t be Cowboys. The key reason for the increase in the popularity of denim in the U.S. stemmed from the production of hundreds of Western movies in which men wear denim jeans. Among men, the look became a fashion statement.

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