Chicken treats and sides worth dying for

Food is of utmost importance in our lives, and it is for food that most people strive day and night. Out of other varieties of things to prepare a good meal, none provides the happiness of a well-cooked chicken. There are different franchises to buy chicken items of different types and flavors.

The fast-food outlets with different types of chicken items are synonyms of how deeply people are in love with this meal. Well, known brands use specially bred chicken to provide the taste of a certain kind.

There are also secret flavors and cooking methods to have a tasty and juicy chicken meal that fills our hearts with joy. The varieties in fast foods made with chicken are infinite, and almost all of them are a must-try.

In this article, let’s identify some of the best chicken fast food treats and side dishes in the world.

  1. Fried Chicken

It was first introduced in America in the 1830s and later adopted throughout the world. Fried chicken is chicken pieces coated in a thick batter and bread crumbs, seasoned and deep-fried in a pan.

The end product is juicy meat with an exterior coating of crispiness. There are a lot of sellers of fried chicken locally as well as globally. They are available in different sizes and come with various dips that enhance their taste.

  1. Chicken Sandwich

It is a sandwich that consists of chicken slices with pickles on a roll or a bun. There are various establishments and franchises to buy this item from along with a lot of alternatives. Most chicken sandwiches use fried or grilled chicken breast. This meat is tender and juicy.

Chicken Burgers are another alternative for sandwiches, where they are placed as a grilled or fried patty inside a bun.

The fried chicken sandwich is also a trend, which works wonders in the stomach when eaten with the right sides. Tart pickles, soft bun, and Polynesian sauce are some of the enhancers of this delightful treat.

  1. Nuggets

It is a product made with breaded or battered chicken meat, that is deep-fried or baked. It can be stored in a frozen state in freezers and used as per requirement. They were the main item for food challenges and other public notoriety, and it has also inspired a lot of games and eating challenges.

Nuggets are the perfect snacks for the evening or a movie date, filling and tasty when used with the right dips.

Side dishes

French Fries

Finger chips or fried potatoes are the best combinations with a fried chicken, burger, or sandwich. They can also be consumed individually, along with tomato sauce or mayonnaise. There are many variations to this, like potato wedges, cheese fries, curry chips, oven fries, sweet potato chips, and many more.


Along with a piece of fried chicken, milkshakes can be the perfect meal for a hungry stomach. There are different kinds of shakes made with fruits and ice cream flavorings, topped with sauces and syrups.


There are different types of vegetarian salads, which can balance the meat of chicken. They include green salad, dinner salad, rice and pasta salads, and many more. The perfect salad made with salad dressing and a bite of juicy fried chicken is a day worth living.


There are numerous chicken dishes available in different cuisines all over the world. With so many exotic cuisines available globally, one can live life trying out new delicacies every day!

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