How to fix window problems

Nothing worries a homeowner more than the sight of emerging DIY problems. Luckily, we have a useful guide to help you diagnose and fix any issues that emerge with your windows.

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Draughty windows

You’ll immediately know if your windows have a problem with a draught, as you’ll feel the temperature change or see the curtains move. The causes are likely to be weatherstripping that has come loose, or the window design itself. The best solution is usually to choose a modern insulated window or to replace damaged weatherstripping and replace it to reinforce the airtight window seal.

Leaking windows

These can lead to real damage in the house if they aren’t fixed. Water can come in behind the drywall without you even realising, leaving signs such as wallboard discolouration along the sill, paint peeling off the window frame, rotting wood and mould growth. The solutions here will most likely require a window replacement, but in the meantime, you can run a humidifier to take excess water from the air. New caulking around the window exterior can also provide a temporary fix. Make sure you check the window’s warranty in case you still have cover.

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Failing window cranks

Most windows that use a crank handle will do so without issue, but very humid summers or severe winters can lead to problems with over-tightening. Use the crank handle sparingly and don’t force the window to shut tightly if it seems to be resisting. Instead, leave a little gap and apply grease lubricant to the mechanism after cleaning the window track itself. Otherwise, you may need to replace the crank entirely, but this shouldn’t be expensive.

Fogging glass

If the seals on your insulated glass fail, then condensation can build up and make your bay windows cloudy. Over time, this will lead to rotting. If your windows are still in warranty, contact your window installer for a possible replacement. Find out more at: https://www.firmfix.co.uk/windows/bay-windows/.

Rotting frames

Wooden windows look beautiful and will perform extremely well when installed correctly and maintained, but they can rot if they aren’t looked after. You may be able to replace a rotting section of wood if you are handy with DIY, by cutting out the rotting section and adding a new patch section. Otherwise, get the entire frame replaced by your local window company for a long-lasting finish.

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