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There is a new trend that covers some of your favorite foods (like popcorn or eggs) with nutritional yeast. Those who use it defend that it is like a vegan and gluten-free cheese supplement that adds a touch of flavor to sandwiches and dishes. Until now it was totally unknown, so it makes us wonder what it is and what benefits it can bring in athletes. Really worth it?


Nutritional yeast is obviously a type of yeast. But, unlike the one you use in products for baked goods to rise, nutritional yeast is inactive; It does not have microorganisms to make food grow in volume.

The nutritional yeast can be ground into flakes or can have powder texture. It is a very popular food in vegan diets because it is loaded with vitamin B12. You already know that in vegan diets we find a deficit of this vitamin because it is not present in plant foods. However, in a quarter cup of this yeast, we get 290% of the daily amount you need of vitamin B12.

Do not be afraid, vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, so your body only absorbs a small amount orally. So there is not, as yet, an established limit so that this food ceases to be safe. Logically, nothing in excess is beneficial.

What benefits does your consumption bring?WHAT IS NUTRITIONAL YEAST AND WHAT ARE ITS BENEFITS?

We commented that vitamin B12 is quite important, but do you know why? This vitamin, along with vitamin B6 and folate, can help reduce the risk of heart disease. Although certainly, there is no evidence that supplements can prevent heart disease. A deficit of vitamin B12 has also been related to dementia and a worsening of sports performance.

You know you have a lack of this vitamin because you notice fatigue or muscle weakness. So if you suspect it, you should do a blood test to confirm it.

In addition, nutritional yeast is also a good source of protein, since in only a quarter of a cup we find 8 grams of protein and 60 calories.

Some studies have also found that fiber in nutritional yeast can reduce the inflammation that usually results from performing some resistance exercise. In addition, yeast fiber (beta glucan) is the same type of fiber found in oats, so it makes any breakfast more beneficial for your heart.

There is no important reason not to add nutritional yeast in some foods. For example, you can sprinkle a little on popcorn, mix it with your oatmeal or scrambled eggs, or even add it to pasta sauces. Logically, its price is a bit high, so if you do not like it or do not need it for your type of food, it is not necessary to buy it.

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