Original wedding bouquet: 7 ideas to surprise everyone!

Will you wear a traditional wedding dress but would you like to perfect your look with an original accessory? There are many types of bouquets thanks to the creativity of the sector’s floral designs that reinvent the romantic floral accessory of the bride in the most creative versions, adapting it to any wedding style. We saw bouquets of olive, lavender and tropical flowers, but have you ever seen a bride ‘s bouquet of wheat ears? Here is some Original wedding bouquet: 7 ideas to surprise everyone!

Let’s see 7 other ideas for an original bridal bouquet!

Floral compositions

1. Handbag bouquetOriginal wedding bouquet: 7 ideas to surprise everyone!

It will not be the most suitable for the moment of launch, but if you are looking for an original and chic solution, the handbag bouquet is the one for you! The name itself says it, this bouquet is worn like a clutch. Elegant and discreet, it can be elaborated in many forms: from the cone full of flowers to the pompom with a chain of pearls to the ring covered with flowers or in a basket version. It is one of the best wedding bouquet.

2. Wrist bouquet

It is certainly the most practical type of flower bouquet. Comfortable and light, it is suitable for those who do not like wearing a bulky bouquet, and it is made up of a bracelet that wraps and binds to the wrist. It can be composed only of a small floral composition applied to a fabric bracelet or made with many flowers that wrap around the wrist. In turn, you can choose between a more or less voluminous, falling, or perfectly circular composition. It is one of the best wedding bouquet.

3. Single flower bouquetOriginal wedding bouquet: 7 ideas to surprise everyone!

Here is another alternative that is certainly not very common and will leave everyone surprised! It is a composition consisting of a single flower, usually very large and with an elegant mood. Among the flowers that lend themselves well we find roses and long-stemmed calla lilies, perfect for giving a touch of class to a simple wedding dress, but also hydrangeas, lilies, peonies and sunflowers, ideal for a country-style summer wedding. It is one of the best wedding bouquet.

4. Bouquets of flowers and …

… chilies, for example! In the bride’s bouquet now everything goes in, the imagination has no limits! You can use berries, artichokes, spices, fruit, peppers … for a really “spicy” wedding! You could then decide to use the same chilies as a placeholder for the original wedding, for the favors and for the groom’s boutonnière. It is one of the best wedding bouquet.

Other shapes and materials

5. Paper or silk flowers

Making these types of bouquets is real art! There are professionals, called bouquet designers able to create perfect compositions that have nothing to envy to real flower bouquets: an original solution that will allow you to show off a piece that is certainly unique! You can customize it and compose it with the elements you prefer to ensure that it accurately reflects the style and colors of your wedding; moreover, compared to a normal bouquet, it also has the advantage that it will never fade. It is one of the best wedding bouquet.

6.Bead Bouquet

For a very creative bride, here is a truly unusual bouquet idea: the beaded bouquet! We find it perfect to combine with a vintage wedding dress, it is elegant, very original and everyone will congratulate you! But be careful, its realization is not at all simple, so rely only on those who already have the experience to be sure of the result. Also, if you have child bridesmaids, think about making small reproductions for them too, they’ll love them! It is one of the best wedding bouquet.

7. Lego bouquet for nerd weddings

Will your wedding be “unconventional” with colorful wedding dresses and wooden bow ties? Are you so addicted to the famous colored bricks that you have already visited Legoland and chosen them as a cake topper for your wedding cake? Then your bouquet and the groom’s boutonnière can only be made with Legos! It is one of the best wedding bouquet.

If you like these creative ideas to add a touch of extravagance to your wedding, discover on our portal all the best ideas to make your event unique: from how to customize wedding favors to how to create original wedding placeholders with DIY.

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