How To Plan a Bike Trip In 2021

2020 felt like the year that would never end. Is there a better way to bid it adieu than with a bike trip? Whether you want to spend three months biking across Europe or are considering a long biking weekend in New England, planning is key to a successful trip.

Choose Your Experience

There are countless bike adventures. Which one would you like to have? Your decision may partly depend upon the type of bike you plan on riding. If your ride of choice is a step through single speed bike, you shouldn’t plan a trip through the red rock country of Utah. However, if you have a sturdy mountain bike that flies over rugged ascents, Moab is an excellent choice.

Types of bike trips include:

Self-supported trips: These are sometimes called “bikepacking.” You carry all your gear on your bike, including a tent and sleeping bag. Occasional stops for food or supplies can be planned.

Vehicle-supported trips: For this trip, you get a friend who loads your gear into their car and they travel with you. You can ride lighter and farther with this option.

Hotel trips, or “credit card touring”: You carry on your bike only what you need for the day. Each night you stop at a hotel or motel for food and sleep.

Organized trips: These are run by commercial outfitters. They take care of all the details for you.

Choose Your Location

You can literally bike just about anywhere in the world.  Interested in bike trips California? No problem. Want to bike across Ireland? You can do that. It’s crucial that you consider the weather. If your vacation time is in January, that’s not a good month to bike through the Adirondacks. Bike Florida instead and wait until a better time to head to the mountains.

If you want to bike in any foreign country, go online and learn about the necessary documents to travel there. In addition to a passport, you may need a Visa. Depending upon the country, there can be very long waits for these. Start planning any foreign bike trips a year in advance, minimum.

And last but not least, since it is 2021, you must know the pandemic protocols of any location you wish to visit. Learn if there are any quarantines or other health regulations in place. Be prepared with any PPE or documentation they want you to have.

Choose Your Gear

Bikes can only hold so much. Pack wisely. Talk to other bikers who have made similar trips and ask what they could have left home and what they wish they had brought. Evaluate your bike. Do you need an upgrade for this trip? Ebikes for women make any trip a little easier and smoother.

  • A basic packing list should include:
  • A couple of changes of clothing
  • Bicycle repair kit
  • Extra tubes
  • Helmet
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen and bug repellent

Flesh this list out with other items depending upon the trip you choose. Planning a bike trip is fun. Go online and look at your options today.

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