How to protect your property from vandalism

1. Stay visible

You probably think that your home is safer when hidden behind a tall wall or fencing, however, as it can’t be viewed from the road, it can become a more enticing target for those not wishing to be seen.

Make sure your property is easily seen by neighbours and the public by ensuring that fences and walls at the front are no more than one meter. That way, you don’t give intruders anywhere to hide.

Smart lighting use can also help prevent theft. We recommend twilight to dawn, low-lying white lights, particularly in areas that are vulnerable and low visibility such as the sides or rear of the house. The lamp must be at least three meters above the ground with an anti-destructive sheath.

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2. Create a boundary

By doing this, you make your patch, mark your territory – and anyone who crosses the line uninvited is entering without permission.

You can do this in a number of ways, such as low fences, walls, hedges, stretches of flowers or small bushes. It is best to avoid rocks or large stones because they can be used by vandals.

3. Protect your property

Be sure to protect vulnerable spots such as a ground floor window with one-metre tall sharp bushes. These can act as nature’s own form of barbed wire, offering protection and looking good too.

Security film – this is a clear or opaque cover that can stick to the window – making it more difficult to destroy the windowpane.

It’s a sad fact that light-coloured or white walls could draw the attention of vandals with spray paint but using an anti-graffiti coating that prevents paint from sticking to the surface is a big barrier.

Worried about or experienced previous vandalism? Why not consider anti-vandal installations for the exterior of your home, such as special housing for gas and electricity meters, along with Pipe Protectors? For more information, visit https://www.meterbox.co.uk/pipe-protectors

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4. Don’t make it easy for them

There is more to security than keeping the door closed and doors, windows and outhouses locked.

Firstly, if you have a surface that anyone can occupy – such as a ledge or low wall – make sure it’s not ‘bottom-friendly’. For example, planters with thorny plants look good but are troublesome for anyone who is just hanging around or uninvited guests. Also, tighten the side and back limits of your property with a two-metre high fence equipped with slats, which are lightweight and cannot support a person. What’s more, it makes a terrible commotion if someone tries to use it to gain access.

5. Keep it neat

It’s a fact that garbage attracts garbage. If a property is a mess, some people won’t think twice about adding to it or just hanging around in the area.

If your property is neat and tidy, it sends out a message of maintenance and order. That is why we recommend not to leave garbage, tools, rubbish bags or ladders, or anything that can be used for robbery or destruction, lying around.

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