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Keep your silverware sterling

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We do not use silver utensils on a regular basis. It is only for some auspicious occasions we save these valuables. Be it for festive, special ceremony or to welcome guests they are always in great need.

But will it be of any good if you have to welcome your guests with blemished silver plates? If you take them out before the occasions, your valuable silver items are sure to loose their shine. Silverwares need maintenance and regular care.

There are a many ways you can maintain the shine of silverware. In market several chemicals are available to make the silver items sparkle. But you can try a cleaning product that is readily available at your home. This will save you money and reduce your concern to choose the best chemical.

Tips to clean your silverware:Keep your silverware sterling

  1. Soak the silver items in hot water. Sprinkle dishwashing detergent on the utensils. Wash with a nylon scrubber.
  2. Use a pinch of baking powder, if there is any rust or stain.
  3. Clean the silverware with warm water. Use a kitchen towel to make it dry. Always remember to dry it immediately after washing.
  4. Dampen the cloth with few drops of denatured alcohol and rub on the silverware. It will help to remove the tarnish. After rubbing with alcohol-dampen clothe, polish the silverware with a cloth until the blemish is removed.

Thus you can maintain sterling silver items properly that will last long.

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