Step by step makeup for night

The makeup for night is a great ally to sophisticate your fashion productions for the evening, thinking about it we’ll give you step-by-step tips on how to craft a powerful make for the party or a party. Learn how to prepare the skin and leave your eyes and powerful lips with products that you probably at home. In addition to this makeup tutorial, we’ve selected some process that will help you get other makeup ideas.

makeup for night

Step-by-step tutorial at makeup for night

Next, we prepare a complete step by step of how to make makeup for ballad or party with the variation of mouth nude and mouth everything.

Step 1 – Preparation to Make

In order for your makeup to have a better fixation, it is important to have some care like washing your face with water and products indicated for your skin type. Also, apply a moisturizer of light texture and that is indicated for your type of skin. With a clean, moisturized face, spread a primer to the face that will help leave the skin even in terms of color and texture.

makeup for night

Step 2 – Smudged Eye

Anyone who wants to make a makeup for night with a blurred eye should do this step before the skin because there is always a little shadow under the eyes. For a longer lasting finish, we recommend that the base should be made with a creamy pencil. If it is to make an internal contour, avoid weighing it by passing the pencil across the water line. Just go in the corner.

At the water’s edge, you can pass a beige pencil that helps make your eyes look bigger. To done outline, you can use the pencil to ‘paint’ the half of your eyelid towards the outside. Use a smear to spread and leave the black pencil base lighter. Complement by passing gray lead shadow on the other half of the eyelid. If you wish you can even create a spot of light in the center of the eyelid with a white or light gray shade. Finish with eyelash mascara.

Tip – If you are a bowler, use the instrument before applying the eyelash mask to prevent the eyelashes from breaking. Another possibility for those who want to leave the most powerful look is to wear false eyelashes, careful not to pass too much glue.

Step 3 – Skin

Use make-up removing wipes to remove any shadowy residue that has fallen while making the eye goosebumps. If necessary, reapply the primer in this area. Continuing to do makeup for night time has come to pass the base, for events where there will be good lighting preference for products with HD coverage. Already for ballads, it is interesting to bet on products of lighter texture, there are some that offer HD coverage.

The base can be applied with the fingers, with a brush or sponges suitable for it. Spread the product evenly, leaving your skin even. Then use concealer to cover the dark circles, ideally apply by making an inverted triangle that advances to part of the cheek. Finish with compact powder only to remove skin luster.

Step 4 – Bronzer Blush and Powder

You can choose to do a makeup for night with just one of these items or both. The blush should be applied lightly on the cheekbones, smile and lightly tap with the brush on the part in evidence. Bronzer powder should be applied to the underside of the face bone to create a kind of contour. You can use both items together.

makeup for night

Step 5 – Illuminator

Your makeup will be even more powerful with the addition of illuminator, so we recommend you have a fan-shaped brush to spread the product well. Apply to the bridge of the nose and its sides to make it seem thinner, in the inner corner of the eye and over the bone of the cheekbone.

Step 6 – The Mouth

The finish of the makeup for night can be with a nude lipstick investing in the production of all over the eye and nothing in the mouth. Or on the other hand, you can do in the composition of all over the eye and all over the mouth. In this case, invest in a red lipstick, wine or even purple. It all depends on your personal taste.

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