Easy Fish Recipes to Love All Year Long

Fish recipes– If you are already thinking about your menus for the Christmas holidays, surely some of them will fall some fish dish, so today I will propose the top fish recipes for this Christmas with which you will have success assured and, being recipes easy and simple, you will not complicate yourself too much in the kitchen.

Organizing with time is the best thing you can do, as well as avoiding the last minute rush. You will surely find the necessary ingredients for these recipes at a more affordable price than. If you wait for the last days before parties. To see how many of these proposals conquer you.

Simple and healthy fish recipes


the fish recipes

Hake is a fish recipes with a very mild flavor, so everyone likes it. Children as well as adults , so you will surely be victorious if you decide for this fish that also combines very well with almost all the ingredients. We propose an elegant wellington fish muslin that also has salmon. Or hake meatballs in white wine sauce. A simple dish that you can serve in individual casseroles to give a festive appearance.


fish recipes

Both in its salty version and if you buy it fresh, the cod is a very versatile fish recipes with which you can prepare a lot of appetizing dishes . Remember to desalt it well in advance if you choose it in salting. Submerging it in cold water for a day and changing the water three or four times. We propose a traditional Portuguese recipe like golden cod. And another more exotic one like tandoori-style cod goujons, with either of you as expert chefs.


The characteristics of this fish, with a consistent and tasty meat, make it especially suitable for cooking great traditional dishes. Because it offers more possibilities when it comes to preparing and keeping it than many other fish. I propose two recipes to cook it, a tuna sorropotun and a microwaved bonito cake Bass

The sea bass or sea bass, in the Christmas menu of many homes, represents the main dish , prepared according to the custom of each region. Especially according to the traditional recipe of presenting it with a crust of salt roasted in the oven. The name of sea bass comes from the Latin “lupa”, which means she-wolf. Because of the fame that this predatory animal fish has and the aggressive and shameless way in which it attacks its prey. Other ways of presenting it are roasted with vegetables from the root to cider and cider with clams and from San Sebastian.


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When cooking a tuna dish, it is advisable to know that the cooking must be short, to prevent the meat from drying out. It can be prepared in any way: grilled with garlic, baked with potatoes. Or peppers, grilled, papillote with vegetables, casserole with tomato, etc. My proposals to serve this fish are: tuna and algae poke salad with avocado, tuna tataki with ponzu sauce. If you like the spicy tuna to the puttanesca and finally a tuna tartar.


Although it is not a fish recipes that has traditionally been found on our coasts, there has been a notable increase in consumption in our country in recent years. So we have a large number of recipes to serve it , which is very advisable due to its multiple nutritional advantages. I propose to prepare a salty cake of salmon, spinach and gorgonzola or simple skewers of salmon marinated in soy and sesame oil.


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Monkfish is one of the fish recipes, fish that is best bought in advance before the holidays. Because it can suffer a considerable price increase. It is a variety with great tara if we want to take only the meat. Because it has a huge head that we can save for other preparations, especially broths and creams. I propose four ways to serve this fish for Christmas: monkfish in American sauce , monkfish wellington, monkfish stew. And monkfish in green cilantro sauce

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