Overlord Season 4: The Return of Aniz, Release Date, and More

Overlord is a serial web Japanese animation directed by Minoru Ashina and produced by Puyukal; premiering in July 2015. Two compiled anime films were also released after the first season, which aired in Japan on February 25, 2017.

On the history of OverlordOverlord Season 4

Its genre includes Dark Fantasy and Isekai and is an anime produced by Madhouse (responsible for Attack On Titan 4). The story is about a high-level virtual reality gamer, who finds himself trapped in the digital universe along with his guildmates who are supposedly his servants; since the game continues to work even after the service time.

This game called Yggdrasil is about to end, Momonga, who is the master of the dark guild ‘Ainz Ooal Gown’, decides to spend his last moments in the game. Surprisingly, he is still conscious even though it is past midnight.

Even with the servers turned off, he found that non-player characters have developed personalities. Momonga and his faithful servants work to discover and investigate why this development has occurred, and they are the only beings affected or if there are others as well.

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What will we see in season 4?Overlord Season 4

Overlord season 4 will show us how the Sorcerer’s Kingdom will be ruled and how much power, as well as strength, is required to achieve it. However, it will be a roller coaster for the protagonist; who has already had several victories in the past.

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When is Overlord 4 released?Overlord Season 4

Overlord fans may have to wait a bit longer as the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed the series’ making. The producers have not announced a specific date, but rumors have spread that the next season could be released in mid-2021.

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As the last season ended with Aniz trying to save the people who are trapped alongside him in the game. This will show us how competent he is to rule the kingdom. And how he attacks its problems, protecting Sorcerer’s Kingdom.

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