Pepephone roaming eliminates the permanence of its contracts in 2019

Pepephone roaming-The world of mobile telephony is one of the sectors that has experienced the most growth in recent years. Thanks to mobile phones we can talk, chat,  consult social networks.  Or surf the Internet with a click. Therefore, it is very important that we have high speed 4G in our smartphones. In Spain, companies such as Yoigo, Movistar Spain, Orange. Or Pepephone, among others, have multiple rates to guarantee it.

Thus, it is enough to choose one of them and pay the corresponding euros monthly. Also, you should know that companies like Pepephone  have ADSL, fiber, mobile or fiber and mobile services. Becoming a very interesting option to combine your services. If you wish, you can  read in Roams everything about Pepephone roaming. Which at the beginning of the year announced the end of the permanence of their contracts. If you want to  know what all the keys are  about it, in this article we reveal them to you.

The end of the permanence of contracts is a reality in Pepephone roaming

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Pepephone, operator that is part of the MasMovil group, announced in 2019 the suppression of the permanence of its internet services at home. Thus, by not remaining in mobile rates and suppressing the optional permanence in fiber. The company declared that it eliminated all the permanence in the services it offered. Therefore, now is the best time to know everything  about Pepephone mobile rates .

The virtual mobile operator  has removed both the costs of registration and installation for the user who hires their fiber tariff at home. 2019 becomes for them a year of new challenges. And measures, as the client can stay freely in case of being satisfied with the service they offer. The certain thing is that the permanence causes a huge  rejection in the users. Who feel drowned at the moment of contracting services to have Internet in their houses.

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Likewise, Pepephone roaming has improved its rates for combined telephony and internet packages at home. In addition to renewing its web page, boosting the user experience. Thanks to this series of measures that it has decided to  implement, the operator of MasMovil. Becomes one of the companies that has tried to maintain the competitiveness of the market. With the rest of the companies that are part of the low-cost telecommunications sector. Their offers are postulated as  one of the most attractive  for consumers and all this is aimed at increasing the market share of the company within the sector. Its changes have a specific purpose. Which is to increase penetration within telephony and communication at a general level.

The truth is that Pepephone roaming has not stopped renewing in recent months. In September 2018. It announced the extension of its fiber offer to homes  with Movistar FTTH coverage. Thus opening up new provinces. As if that were not enough, at the end of December they announced  an increase in gigabytes in  roaming  within the European Union. Thus, the more adventurous, could enjoy more data to spend . When visiting different countries of the European Union. Obviously. When we travel we tend to share photos and videos on different social networks and the data becomes a luxury service.

In addition, its call center located in Palma de Mallorca  has doubled its staff , thus stabilizing the waiting time of users to be served. We are really facing a company that is going beyond its principles to benefit its customers. Currently. Pepephone has a number of clients that have a low volume of complaints, due to all the implementations they are doing.

On the other hand, we have witnessed the fact that Pepephone roaming has increased the megas offered to its customers.  Which is synonymous with gratitude and permanence on their part. The Inimitable rate is an example of the new improvements by the operator. With which for less than 20 dollars per month,  you have 23 gigas per month to be able to surf and unlimited calls.

Pepephone roaming eliminates the permanence

In line with what we mentioned earlier, 2018 was a year of important changes in the company. All this translated into an increase in the number of clients. Who  did not hesitate to trust the operator of MasMovil. Therefore, one of its challenges is to continue this increase with measures both in the services. And when it comes to gaining the trust of its users.

Therefore, Pepephone roaming has become one of the most renewed and powerful operators  in  the current sector. With high quality rates, conditions. And services that are pleasing and useful for a large number of people. We will have to wait for the measures planned for this year to be implemented. And to  know what the repercussions will be  for both the MasMovil operator and its users. However, we can affirm that success is almost assured.

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