Cheap solar portable batteries could be the best solution for many of us who use smartphones for a longer period of the time. Today, the batteries of mobile phones and tablets are made to last more and more. However, if we spend many hours away from home or a long day, it is likely that our battery will end up affected and run out easily.

Cheap solar portable batteries on the go

One solution that many of us usually resort to is to carry the charger of our smartphone always on top. In this way, every time we reach a bar or any place with a plug where we will stop for a while, we can recharge the battery at least a few minutes.

Another trick is to optimize it to the maximum through some other alternatives.

Here are some tips and tricks to increase the duration of the mobile battery:


The perfect solution for shifting your smartphone’s battery anywhere

However, there are times when we do not always have a plug on hand. Whether we like tourism have a stressful day without stopping, it is not likely to find a place to recharge the battery of your mobile phone.

The perfect solution? Cheap solar portable batteries to charge the battery anytime, anywhere. Its price is very affordable and those that we have available have a great capacity: 100,000 mAh for less than $25.

They are perfect both for you and if you want to make a completely practical gift. They can be especially useful if we are going on a trip or in the middle of nature. Keep reading Adverse effects of mobile phone


Its operation is very simple and gives us enormous advantages. As we have already said there are some solar external batteries with large capacity.

For this reason, if we plan not to recharge our phone in a few hours, it is ideal to leave it in charge along with our external battery. In this way, we can take advantage of both the battery of our smartphone added to these cheap solar portable batteries.

On the other hand, if we exhaust both, our solar battery allows us to load it automatically and naturally by using sunlight. It is enough that we expose it to the sun and begin the loading process. That’s easy hmm!

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