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Properties and benefits of wheat

Properties and benefits of wheat: an ancient cereal, precious for the health and well-being of the organism
Rich in fiber and cholesterol-free, different qualities of flour are produced with the genus grain. The wheat germ oil, rich in vitamin E and antioxidant, is obtained from the cold pressing of the soft wheat germ. Here are the properties and benefits of wheat.


The soft wheat (Triticum aestivum) is a cereal of Asian origin and its history is lost in the mists of time. Today it is used to produce white flour that is used to make bread, desserts and even fresh pasta.

WHEATProperties and benefits of wheat

Soft wheat crops in Italy are found mainly in the north-central area. The soft wheat and durum wheat are different from each other because:

-The wheat has the round grain and fragile and its ears have filamentous small parts.
-The durum wheat instead has larger filamentous parts and the grain is longer and shiny. The semolina is obtained from its grinding.
-Soft wheat has always been one of the most important food sources for our sustenance. CHARACTERISTICS OF


Different qualities of flour are produced with soft wheat, such as 00, 0, 1 and 2 and wholemeal flour. The first ones are obviously those most subject to refining up to the integral one which keeps all the original and therefore more beneficial components of the grain intact. Soft wheat is less rich in protein than durum wheat and contains a high glycemic index. It also absorbs less water and for this reason, is an ingredient widely used in a large number of sweet and savory recipes.


Soft wheat has high fiber content and for this reason, it facilitates the performance of intestinal functions and also digestion. This cereal is totally cholesterol-free, so even those who suffer from cardiovascular problems can consume it safely. Soft wheat is also very satisfying, consequently reducing appetite. It is therefore indicated for those who implement a healthy and balanced diet and want to maintain physical fitness. Soft wheat is rich in vitamin PP (Niacin) which acts on the body’s fatty acids and prevents the appearance of dermatitis and dysentery. We also find magnesium, which maintains healthy teeth and the starch that is a source of glucose beneficial for mental energy and tissues.


There are no news or studies showing negative interactions between this cereal and the medicines. However, soft wheat has laxative properties and is therefore not recommended for those with intestinal problems such as colitis. It is also rich in gluten and therefore not suitable for coeliacs or those suffering from gluten intolerance.


The wheat germ oil, rich in vitamin E and highly antioxidant, is obtained from the cold pressing of the soft wheat germ. This oil is very effective against wrinkles and stretch marks. Furthermore containing many polyunsaturated fatty acids, it helps the metabolism and promotes the oxygenation of the body. Wheat germ oil fights triglycerides and cholesterol and protects against the risk of cardiovascular disease. Also, the B vitamins, present in large quantities, play a fundamental role in counteracting obesity, fatigue, and constipation. Wheat germ oil can also be used, as already mentioned, on the skin, since it fights skin aging, moisturizes dry skin and protects from atmospheric agents. It is also an excellent anti-cellulite. If applied to the face, it can be added to the cream that is used daily.

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