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7 secrets to lose weight that only doctors know

The most important thing is not to run anywhere and firmly hold your position! Doctors do not support the craze for diets and extreme lose weight: in many cases, this does more harm than good. But really overweight (especially if located in the area of life) can damage our health and increase the risk of serious diseases. But parting with the extra pounds is clear. How exactly? Here are some expert tips.

Start with vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency can trigger many health problems and an increased risk of obesity is one of them. A study presented at the Obesity Congress showed that overweight or obese people who took vitamin D ended up losing weight faster and holding on to the result longer than those who didn’t fight the deficiency of this vitamin. So, before going on a diet, check how you have with the “solar” vitamin.

Eat crunchy foods

Of course, leave the crunch of fried food, and switch to fresh vegetables or nuts. Firstly, it is useful on its own, and secondly, when we eat “noisy” food, we eat less. Brigham Young University and Colorado State University studies have confirmed: 25% less!

Eat pepper

If you have no problems with the gastrointestinal tract, eat more chillies. The fact is that it contains capsaicin, which speeds up our metabolism and makes body fat burn more actively.

Eat the soup

Mom was right: the soup is worth eating it every day. And not a vegetable soup, but a real meat or mushroom broth. According to the results of a study conducted by the Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston, women who ate soup once a day were generally prone to healthier eating behaviors, were less likely to overeat and were less dependent on harmful foods, sugar or carbohydrates L. Do you want to improve your eating habits? Start with the soup!

Apple snack

Apples and pears are the best friends of all people who lose weight. These delicious fruits contain special substances that burn body fat more than usual – and each apple works almost like a fat-burning tablet. The main thing: do not eat them on an empty stomach!

Switch to green tea

First, it is useful for high blood pressure or stress. Secondly, it reduces the risk of developing heart disease. Thirdly, it is recommended for the prevention of depression. And finally, it has special substances that make body fat burn more actively.

Eat fatty foods

As the results of a study conducted by Harvard Medical School and Brigham and the Women’s Hospital in Boston have shown, people who take 45 to 60 grams of fat per day lose weight faster than those with less fatty foods. The only condition is to choose foods rich in monounsaturated fats. For example nuts, olive oil, blue fish, dairy products.

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