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21 cocktails with alcohol for the party that will make your mouth water

Cocktails with alcohol– After witnessing the beautiful ceremony of exchange of wedding rings , the promise of love until death separates them and the epic yes, I accept framed by the decoration for marriage in  front of the altar, everyone already wants to come to the party to celebrate the long awaited marriage union. The newlywed may look for a refreshing drink that gives her some energy, refreshes her and encourages her to adjust her bridal hairstyle, dance and share with all the guests. While the newlywed meets with his friends to make the typical private toast for life, love and happiness. Whether it’s with vodka, tequila or a traditional Colombian drink, a cocktail is a delicious and colorful way to share, celebrate and enjoy with your guests, as long as it is done in the right, responsible and perfect measure of fun. So, for the commemorated and their guests who do not want to abstain from a little alcohol, here are 21 delicious cocktails with alcohol for the marriage party, which they can suggest to the bar to include in the list of options.

Colombian cocktails made with brandy

best cocktails with alcohol


Ideal to accompany evenings at night, under the light of the candles or the cold of the night, the Campanella is a Colombian cocktail as much flavor, made with brandy, lemon, cinnamon and granulated sugar , and served in a Michelangelo glass and very hot. A great idea for weddings that are celebrated at night and in winter season or ‘thousand rains’.

Sour spirits

Traditionally consumed in Colombian celebrations to ignite the energies of the guests, make them happy and eager to open the dance floor. Its somewhat peculiar preparation, with brandy, lemon, rubber syrup or syrup and egg white , turn its delicious flavor into a traditional cocktail for outdoor and tropical marriages .

Daisy Mara

For soft palates, the simple and delicious preparation of Daisy Mara is a perfect choice for the liqueurs of the bar of the party. It is prepared only with brandy, ½ lemon, lemon soda and ice tastes delicious!

Guano cocktail with alcohol

This innovation of a blogger lover of cocktails, will leave a bittersweet and refreshing taste that they will want to repeat. They only need brandy , leaves of Cedric, soda, passion fruit and sugar . It is a very ingenious drink, with a touch of spice, perfect for warm climates and sunny days of a marriage on the beach, daytime celebrations or on restaurant terraces.

Mexican cocktails with alcohol

the cocktails with alcohol

Tequila sunrise

In the rustic weddings that can appreciate the magical moment of sunset or sunrise, both the Tequila Sunrise and the Tequila Sundown are simple cocktails, spectacular and perfect to offer and accompany those special moments. It contains tequila, orange juice and grenadine . The variation for Sundown is that instead of grenadine pomegranate juice is added. Both, delicious options.


In its delicious variations of Tequila Margarita, Frozen Mango Margarita or Margarita de Cerebra, this Mexican cocktail is the best known worldwide. Its base preparation is lemon, sugar, tequila and Cointreau , but its versatile flavor allows it to be combined with other flavors such as tamarind, mango or pineapple, among others. It is a strong drink, delicious and easy to prepare, perfect to accompany parties, parties and all kinds of nocturnal celebrations.

The Charon Negro

Since tequila is the main liquor of Mexicans, Charon Negro was a Mexican adaptation of Cuba Libra. This cocktail mixes tequila with cola, lemon and some salt . It’s refreshing, rich and a little sweet.

Russian white and Russian Black

For these two cousins ​​cousins, you only need the traditional Mexican coffee liqueur , or Kahlua, vodka and ice . In the case of the Blanca Russo, only evaporated milk is added to the preparation, and that’s it. It is a liquor of the classification of the “after-dinner” or companions of desktop or to serve as a dessert after the banquet. If they want it a little stronger, they can replace the cream with Baileys for a different taste but equally sweet creamy.


As in Colombia we serve beer in bars, in Mexico they deliver it as a typical cocktail. It is known for being a refreshing drink, perfect for sunny days or when the elegant hair becomes semi-pulled because the party is in the climax and does not leave a break to sit for a while. It is prepared as in Colombia, cold and clear beer, lemon and frosty glass of salt. The typical Mexican variation is adding spicy sauce or English sauce to the frosty glass , and it’s ready: a refreshing but spicy drink.

Classic cocktails with alcohol

top cocktails with alcohol

Long Island Iced Tea

A classic and quite strong cocktail, is the Long Island. It contains 5 types of different liquor ( vodka, tequila, white rum, triple dry and gin ) combined with the sweet of the cola, syrup and lemon juice. You should drink more moderately than usual because it is often misleading, but it is surely the best quality and classic drinks you can have.


The glamorous and celebrated Cosmopolitan is an internationally standardized cocktail, popular since the premiere of Sex and the City, when Carrie Bradshaw made it popular by asking for it at each outing with her friends. Contains vodka, Cointreau, lemon, cranberry juice and crushed ice . If your marriage is an elegant and fashionable style, this drink should be in your bar.


This is a classic, elegant and simple cocktail, typical in every bar. It is prepared with gin, vermouth and an olive inside , and be careful not to include ice. You can also find its sweet variation with a red vermouth and a cherry instead of the olives; There is the Perfect Martini that combines the two vermouth, red and dry, and decorated with lemon peel or a cherry; or also the Gibson Martini , which only replaces the olive with two pearl onions.


Among internationals we have the cocktail based on the most popular distilled alcoholic beverage in Brazil, called cache, produced through the distillation of sugarcane. Hairspring is a sweet, delicious and strong drink, with a concentration of 38% and 51% alcohol. It contains lemon, crushed ice and sugar, in addition to the cache. A Brazilian option to brighten the moments of the crazy hour in marriage.

White Russian

Its name is not due to its origin but to the typical liquor of Russia. Its preparation contains vodka, coffee liqueur and fresh cream or condensed milk . It is perfect to accompany as a dinner table, and is within the strong and simple cocktails to prepare. His ‘twin brother’ is the Black Russian , of exceptional texture, and is prepared in the same way by issuing the cream. Either option is an ideal way for your marriage if you want to give it an international touch.

European cocktails with alcohol

discover cocktails with alcohol

Irish Car Bomb

The Irish Pump Car, or Irish Car Bomb , is probably the strongest and original drink easier to prepare. Made with black beer and Irish whiskey, with a shot of Baileys Irish Cream (whiskey cream), which literally adds the shot into the glass. It is one of the drinks bombs that assure you a euphoric night.


The typical Italian Bellini drink is a soft, delicate and sweet cocktail, easy to prepare. Originated in a bar in Venice, it is prepared with white wine, champagne and liquefied peach . It is important that the wine is sparkling and dry, the peach or peach is very cold, and can add lemon to give an acid touch to the preparation. Whether they have vintage wedding decor or classic romantic style, this drink is a very special way to complement the celebration bar.

Gin and Tonic

The classic, simple, strong and fresh English Gin Tonic, is a very practical and economical cocktail, ideal for spring weddings, and colorful themes. It is prepared with Old Fashioned, tonic water and gin. It is also very digestive, so they could serve as a desktop after the marriage banquet. Among the recommendations is not to confuse this cocktail with Tom Collins, so as not to mix lemon juice; otherwise, the Gin Tonic will quickly lose its original strength.


For this occasion, cassia cream, or black currant liqueur, along with white wine , come together to create the popular French cocktail, Kit. It is customary to be taken as an aperitif before the meal. It is a very elegant and delicious standardized drink, perfect for simple marriage decoration , with red and yellow tones, rustic or country style.

Coast cocktails with alcohol

cocktails with alcohol for the party

Cuba lire

And if we continue with classic cocktails and celebrities in bars, Cuba lire may be number one on the list. It is very popular in bars, homemade parties or popular celebrations throughout Central America, and is prepared with rum, lemon juice and cola . Simple, practical, refreshing and delicious.


The lemon, sugar, rum, fruit pulp to taste and a liqueur of the same taste of the chosen fruits, turn the thick, smooth and homogeneous mixture of a delicious Daiquiri. Served in a glass for frozen margaritas, this famous Caribbean cocktail, draws palm trees, sun, summer and paperhanger music in the place that you drink it, and for sure they will want to repeat it.


Among the favorite drinks of celebrities, is the Monitor and its variations. It is prepared based on sugar, mint leaves, sparkling water, lemon and white rum . His presentation takes us to the Caribbean Sea, its paradisaical beaches and refreshing sea breezes. It is a very refreshing cocktail with many variations, such as Monitor Urban served with vodka, grapefruit, rubber syrup, basil leaves, ginger and frappe ice. Or the Blueberry Monitor , made with white Havana rum, Brazilian lemons, blueberries, rubber syrup, mint leaves, soda and frappe ice.

Finally, cocktails with alcohol- the liquor is a fantastic way to surprise your guests, apart from a perfect decoration according to your taste, style and personality, but it is important that they put some limits on the party to keep the bar under control and avoid possible inconveniences. Take into account the number of guests, thanks to the marriage cards sent for example, for an average of drinks per person; buy quality liquor, distribute appetizers or snacks that help reduce the level of alcohol in the body; and to put a time zone for the bar that does not start with the arrival of the attendees, but preferably after the banquet, it will help that the liquor does not reach an empty stomach and make its own.

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