Spring: 10 tips for the garden

Spring is really reached and there is no more time to postpone … we have to roll up our sleeves and finally put our hands to the garden, and also to the vegetable garden, to make it ready for the warm, neat and clean season. Here’s all there 10 tips for the garden!

Winter is a rather dormant season. The garden is left a little to itself, it is cold, and the most we can do for our garden is to shelter the most delicate plants. Let’s face it, we don’t care too much about the leaves that invade the driveway, about the cleaning of the grass and gardening tools, which will be well closed in the special shed.

In spring, the music changes. The garden wakes up slowly after a season of torpor. The days are getting longer, the weather is milder and the frosts are now a distant memory. But above all, in a few days it will be officially spring.

There is so much to do and our advice is to start immediately, without wasting time. There are many things to do and time, and also a lot of patience, is needed to bring the garden back to its peak of splendor. In short, there is no time to lose in the garden, and in the garden, there is so much to do. So let’s get to work and see what are the tips for the garden.

tips for the garden

Plan and organize

In spring it is planning time: what can be planted now to avoid clogging the work schedule? This is the best time for sowing. The month of March is also the best time to sow the lawn of your garden because the soil temperature will have reached at least 10 cm.


While people believe that this is a hateful job and we are telling the truth, nobody particularly likes to rake the leaves, but this operation is necessary to fix the garden and to keep under control the work of organic decomposition of the subsoil.

The instruments

Spring is the best time to count instruments and tools. Something is missing? Are any tools replaced? Then this is the best time to do it, before getting to work. Let us always remember the tips for the garden that having a good assortment of tools is the best way to work well and effortlessly. It is always better to spend a little more and make sure of good quality tools, which aim at saving and being every year with the tools to be replaced because they are broken or worn after a few uses.

Spring cleaning

It’s called spring cleaning, inside and outside the home, for a specific reason. Dried leaves, roots, excess soil, everything goes: it’s time to make room for the new season! We also need to remove weeds and check that there are no plants infested with bacteria and parasites. In this case, it will need to be removed.

And then again this is the best time to remove everything that needs to be replaced from the garden. Not only vases and planters, but also furnishing accessories for the exterior, the ruined table and maybe even those chairs that you want to change for a long time. This is the time to make all the changes you want to make!

Choose the vases

New season, new plants and even new pots. If you want to refresh your garden with colorful vases and new extravagant flower boxes, this is the best time to do it, before starting to sow and before devoting yourself to the cultivation of new plants.

Obviously another tips for the garden, before throwing everything without thinking too much, try to plan which plants and which flowers you are going to grow, so that you can choose which planters and containers are most suitable for you.

Check the irrigation system

In winter the irrigation system is not used, so the first thing to do in the spring is to check if there are any problems. Do it right away so you can find out in time if you need to replace any broken parts that have become too fragile due to exposure to cold. Turn on your irrigation system and analyze the coverage of each sprinkler to see if everything works.

Start fighting mosquitoes

With spring, unfortunately, even the first mosquitoes arrive and to avoid this becoming an insurmountable problem, it is good to start in time and find the right way to counter these annoying insects.

The first thing to do to keep mosquitoes out of the garden is to eliminate any type of water stagnation. Then check the saucers, the stagnation that are created on the gutters, any wells for watering and the manhole covers in the garden. This is where mosquitoes proliferate and spread.

Design the landscape

One of the most enjoyable aspects of spring garden planning is the part of the projects, where we can take time to think carefully about what we want to give our garden. This means choosing the best points for planting trees, flowers and plants, understanding where the exposure is best and finding the right way to make plants, flowers, trees and bushes live together in a harmonious aesthetic pleasant appearance.

Prepare the soil

Before proceeding with sowing and cultivation of plants and flowers, we will also need to take care of the land, to control it and to make it fertile and productive if needed. It is true that winter is the season where everything is dormant, but in theory during this season you should have hoed, raked and plowed. Quite right?

If you have done so, everything will be easier now and all you have to do is move the earth a little to stir it up and thus increase the quality of the earth, with new nutrients in it and ready to be fertilized.

Enjoy the garden

And also remember that spring is not just work and garden planning. It is also the new season that arrives, the days that become warmer and longer. And what’s better than enjoying the garden this season?

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