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The Best Home Improvement Shows to Inspire Your Own Renovation

If you’ve been considering a home renovation, you know that you need more than just a budget and a contractor to get started. You need an eye for what is possible and what will look good in a given home, since you may someday go to sell your home and realize that even a nice renovation made the home look awkward or unusual. You need some key DIY skills to manage any simple elements of the project in a way that makes any contractors you hire more efficient, effective, and affordable. Finally, you need to know the latest trends so that you can communicate your vision effectively to anyone you hire.

So how can watching home improvement shows help you with this? We’re glad you asked!

Fixer Upper – Aspirational Change in Ordinary Homes

Joanna and Chip Gaines have built their brand around the ability to turn even very dilapidated homes in their hometown into comfortable, on-trend, beautiful homes. This show is a great way to learn more about the very popular modern farmhouse look, as well as how to scope out a home’s assets and useful elements even if you feel like you’re mostly focused on its deficits at first. The way that the Gaines family looks at a fixer upper can inspire you to make the most of even the most annoying corner of your home that you want to renovate.

Ask the Builder – Understanding the Ins and Outs of What’s Possible

This popular show on YouTube really gives you a primer in working with contractors and builders. Whether you’re looking to do a semi-custom renovation on a planned new-construction home or just want to tackle a kitchen upgrade to your home, Ask the Builder’s Tim Carter is the voice of reason that helps you realize what contractors and builders are thinking when they hear your plans. This series helps you become a good advocate for your own vision, getting into the nitty-gritty of techniques and materials so that you won’t be clueless when a contractor comes to you with a plan.

This Old House – The Bedrock of the Home Improvement Show World

This show is a great place to start if you haven’t ever been much for home improvement shows, simply because it kind of started the format’s popularity and has evolved over the years to be as instructional and entertaining as possible. The show highlights some important key points about making a home both functional and appealing, with a focus on practical ways that you can get modern convenience while retaining older-home charm wherever possible. The show’s many experts give you an insight into specialties like plumbing, heating, and landscaping that could be very relevant if you get started planning a renovation and realize that a major household system is going to be impacted. Your choices going forward will be better informed if you have some This Old House running through your mind!

While there are many other wonderful shows to watch and consider, these three are particularly great for getting the chops you need to tackle your next project around the house, especially if you eventually want to see a return on your investment if you go to sell your home. A great real estate agent can give you more details on the trends in renovations in your area as well.

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