The fantastic thrills and spills of Laguna and yas waterworld theme parks

Situated in a unique and breath-taking position, enjoying magnificent views overlooking the Arabian Sea. The Laguna Water Park in Abu Dhabi offers visitors fantastic thrills and spills of several incredible water slides and rides. The WaveOz 180 FlowRider offers all the water, thrill seekers the opportunity to ride the waves and enjoy a unique surfing experience.  From novice surfer to a professional standard this invigorating ride is one of only three like it in the world.  Spanning 187 feet wall to wall and offering a 180-degree surfing turn, this water ride is for the brave and the daring.

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Looking for something a little more relaxed and laid back then try the Laguna’s lazy River, this ride can be enjoyed by all the family, though still be prepared for a few surprises!  If you are visiting the Park as a Family then the perfect spot to start your water adventure might be the Aqua Play?  This super giant children’s play structure, complete with a giant “soaker bucket” offers plenty of fun for children and adults of all ages. With a Splash Pad for toddlers, cosy Cabanas to relax in and a large choice of different dining options this water park definitely delivers on thrills, amenities and location.

Located on Yas Island in Abi Dhabi and stretching over fifteen hectares of land, with over forty different rides is the Yas Waterworld theme park.  Divided into four categories; Adrenaline Rush, Exciting Adventures, Moving and Grooving and Young Fun, all the different levels of excitement can be enjoyed by children of all ages. Just like the thrill of the Abu Dhabi F1 Paddock Club and fast pace of a formula 1 motor race this waterpark has all the thrills and spills you could wish for. Check out websites such as edgeglobalevents.com/f1-paddock-club/f1-paddock-club-abu-dhabi and experience this different type of thrill for yourself.  The park itself is designed around the story of a brave and daring young girl who sets out on a quest to find a precious lost Pearl.  Guided by a dolphin, a falcon and other animals along her way, she is pursued by a snake and chased by evil bandits until she cries innocent tears into an Oasis.  These tears bring the pearl back to the villagers and goodness and light return to their lives.  The whole architecture of the Park, including the rides, shops, restaurants and characters are all based on this story with the Parks centre piece being a gigantic Pearl. If you do visit Abi Dhabi then spend at least one day enjoying the thrills and spills of either of these fantastic waterparks.

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