The jerk weights – Execution technique

Most athletes today are building their training program around simulators and exercises with dumbbells and barbells, bypassing the weight. Such an attitude to the projectile is absolutely unfair. There are exercises that can be performed using weights, but it is not possible with a barbell or dumbbell. A distinctive feature of this sports equipment is compact size, characteristic grip, a special distribution of the exerted loads. For versatile training weight simply indispensable and must necessarily take its place of honor in the arsenal of each seriously active sports person.

There are two basic exercises for the weight – push and jerk. Each worthy of a separate article, but today is devoted to the latter. Making a jerk is much more difficult than a jerk. This feature is due to the need to perform one movement – raising the projectile from the bottom to the top point. The implementation of the jerk passes without any intermediate stages, unlike the jerk, where the projectile is transferred to the chest and held before the final uplift. To perform this movement you should have Boss Peptides supplements, as it is necessary to have good coordination and strength. All the muscles at the same time should work smoothly and connect in a timely manner.

 jerk weights

What muscles work?

It is an erroneous opinion that during the dash of the kettlebell, the main load falls solely on the forearm. When performing the exercise, the main muscle groups involved are the leg and dorsal. The muscles of the cortex are most loaded.

The jerk of the kettlebell requires the connection of the entire muscular frame. It is carried out not with the help of brute force, but requires well-coordinated and technical work. Exercise involves not only strength and power, but also contributes to the development of good coordination and muscle dynamics. It brings the greatest benefit to the muscle postural layers – the skeletal deep ones.

Getting good results from jerk weights takes time and regularity. If you include bosspeptides with your training program on an ongoing basis, you will soon see an increase in the power of the muscle groups involved in the work.

Exercise variations

You can jerk in different ways:

Option 1. Experienced athletes with good physical fitness can make a more complicated jerk. When it is performed without involving the legs, but solely by the strength of the back muscles. This becomes possible, for example, when sitting on a chair, which does not allow to use the lower limbs.

Option 2. Assumes the use of two shells at once. They can rise either simultaneously or in turn for each hand.

It should be understood the difference between jerk and broach. The latter is performed not by inertia, which allows the weights to fly upwards, but is carried out by muscle effort. This is a completely different exercise.

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