Understanding the Glaring Blunders to Avoid while Opting for Aluminum Signs

Aluminum signs are the perfect solution for advertising your products and generating sales. Signs are supposed to be an effective ‘out of box’ advertising solution that is phenomenally popular even today. They are an easy, cost-effective, and certainly the most efficient way of demonstrating your unique marketing message. Aluminum signs are an excellent way of giving value to and boosting awareness of your brand and business with vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics that is sure to attract a wider audience. Aluminum is supposed to be the most popular and frequently used metal in terms of outdoor signage. That is chiefly because aluminum is known for its longevity and it is great at instilling an overall professional finish to the signs.

Aluminum signs are one of the most effective and affordable forms of traditional outdoor advertising. As per Forbes, outdoor advertising is a proven way of reaching a broader audience. No wonder it has been going strong for the past few centuries. Experts firmly believe that even in the present digital era, outdoor advertising is phenomenally popular and gaining traction by the day.

But, there are some common mistakes we see companies make when dealing with their signage, and if you avoid them, you’ll get much better returns on your sign investment.

Blunders to Avoid While Using Aluminum Signs

Blunder: Not Providing Adequate Protection

A well-made aluminum sign could last for several years despite harsh weather conditions. They do not fade or get damaged even after constant exposure to the blazing sun. However, there is no reason to assume that they are indestructible. They are especially, susceptible to vandalism. Hence, they need to be properly anchored. Remember to strategically place fancier aluminum signs high enough so that they are out of reach. Moreover, they should be anchored securely so that they cannot be dislodged easily by a crowbar or something like that. Remember that you could opt for powder coating to make your signs more visually attractive and also, to provide a protective shield so that they are not easily damaged by the elements.

Blunder: Not Considering a Reflective Coating

Many of you make the mistake of overlooking or undermining the importance of adding a reflective coating to your outdoor aluminum signage. While ordering your custom aluminum signs, do not forget to ask for a reflective coating to add more sheen to your aluminum signs so that they instantly grab audience attention once the sun comes out. It will surely boost the effectiveness of your signs manifold. You can rest assured that it is not at all an expensive addition.

Blunder: Not Paying Heed to ADA Compliance

It is mandatory for several businesses to use signs that have high-contrasting lettering or raised letters for helping the visually-impaired audience as per ADA or the ‘Americans with Disabilities’ dictates. Moreover, in a few cases, Braille may be necessary. A custom-tailored aluminum sign could easily accommodate all these unique requirements without any cluttering.


Remember to steer clear of the blunders discussed above while implementing aluminum signs in your advertising and marketing strategy. Moreover, also consider using your aluminum signs indoors for jazzing up your office building’s interior and ending up impressing both visitors and employees alike.  Remember not to make the mistake of using poorly-lit up advertising signs. Make sure that your aluminum signs are well lit and that they shine brightly all through the night. Consider using high-efficiency lighting options like LEDs to curb your electricity consumption.


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