Unfolding and folding Maps.

One thing that puts people off using a map is the fun and games that you have to go through to get the map back the way it was. It’s quite a common scenario to see a walker or group of hikers out and about desperately trying to get the map back together now that they have confirmed their route. Getting a good Planning Maps is essential and a Large range of planning maps from the map shop so that part is done. However, how do you get that map back in without the minimum of fuss and bother and, more importantly, so you can use it again should the need arise.

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The first step is to completely unfold the map to ensure that there are no unnecessary folds around the edges that will harm the map. A grid of creases crisscrossing around the map surface should be visible to you. As you fold the map, these creases mark the right lines to follow.


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The second move is to fold the map in half along its length to reach the bottom edge by putting the top edge over. Make sure the outer cover of the thick map is kept outside of this fold.

The third part is to carefully fold the map inward in an accordion style towards the middle and bring the outer cover into the map’s body. To ensure that the folds are uniform and correct, make sure you obey the creases that are already present on the map.

It should now be together. Fold over the protective cover and put it back in the pocket or bag.

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