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What foods contain protein. In a healthy and balanced diet should be present the three major nutritional groups, such as carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The latter generate extensive debates, especially in athletes who resort to supplementation. To avoid (or reduce) the use of supplements, we reveal what are the foods that contain proteins. You will be surprised to know that there are both animals and vegetables, so a vegan person can also be perfectly nourished.

What are proteins?

Before knowing the different types that exist and the foods in which we can find them, it would be interesting to know what proteins are and what their function is. Without a doubt, we are facing the most mentioned macronutrient in the world of sports (specifically, in bodybuilding). These structures of amino acids linked together are used by the body to create their own molecules, which in turn will use to build and regenerate different body tissues. That is why athletes usually need a dose a little higher than sedentary people.

Foods that contain proteins

We have two large groups in which to divide the origin of proteins: vegetables and animals. And it is not only the amount of protein in a food that matters but also its biological value. This value is the measure of the absorption and synthesis in the body of the protein that we ingest with food.


In this case, the animals do not provide carbohydrates in their meats, but we can find fat. A priori we should not worry about fat intake, as long as we do not overdo it and choose lean cuts.


Its protein intake is usually  20-25%  per 100 grams. In this case, we are facing a perfect option for diets that seek a weight loss, as they barely contribute fat. Lean meats are chicken, turkey, rabbit, and duck. It is one of the best foods contain protein.

Red meats

The protein content of red meat is usually around  21% per 100 grams. The drawback is that pork, veal, lamb, bull and beef has a large amount of fat. To try to reduce it, we should bet for lean cuts and certain less fatty areas. It is one of the best foods contain protein.


Fish is a very important part of the Mediterranean diet. They usually have an average of 20 and 23% protein. As in meats, fish are also differentiated into two large groups: white and blue. Whitefish stands out for its low-fat content (which is also recommended in low-calorie diets). In contrast, blue fish is a good option to introduce Omega-3 essential fatty acids into our diet. It is one of the best foods contain protein.

Some examples of whitefish:






Blue Fish:








In eggs, we also find a good source of protein and fatty acids. Although it only has  13% protein per 100 grams, it is classified as one of the foods with the best biological value. Do not be afraid to consume eggs frequently, since science has confirmed that there is no risk if they are taken in moderation. It is one of the best foods contain protein.

Dairy products

Dairy, both milk and yogurt and cheese, are also a good source of protein that provides beneficial properties such as calcium or vitamin B. The protein content of dairy products depends on which one, but can range between  21-35 %.


Not long ago we discovered what were the best plant foods rich in protein. It is said that vegetables do not provide complete proteins, but the concept is not exactly that. All foods provide all the amino acids, but some have smaller amounts. That is why they should be combined with other vegetables to find the correct supply of essential amino acids.


This type of food usually have a  high carbohydrate content of slow assimilation, so if you are looking to reduce calories, you should do it in moderation. They usually contain  5-15% protein and some of them are oats, quinoa, spelled and rice.


Legumes tend to be the ones that provide the greatest amount of protein of vegetable origin. We find between 15 and 20%  protein on average. And some of them are lentils, chickpeas, soybeans, and peas.


Finally, natural nuts are a source of protein that we should consume in moderation because of their high caloric density. They contribute around 20% and some examples are walnuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, and pistachios.

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