How to recover deleted videos from pc?

It never hurts to make backup copies of our videos, especially if we accidentally delete any file. If we have not emptied the recycling bin there is no problem; we can easily restore it now if we have emptied the bin the thing changes. Luckily some programs allow us to recover deleted videos. Let’s find how to recover deleted videos from pc.

How to recover deleted videos from pc

How to recover deleted videos from pc with RecoverIt

Programs to recover videos and any other type of deleted files there are many, but today we will talk about Wondershare Recoverit, it is available for Windows and macOS. If you are using Windows 10, activate it. This tool allows you to recover deleted data from a USB, hard drive, SSD, digital camera and memory card. It also works with damaged or formatted hard drives. Thus, the Recoverit – File Retrieval program is very useful for these cases.

Well, the process to recover videos or other files that have been deleted is very easy. The first step is to download Recoverit – File Recuperator. Next, you have to install the software. Once installed, you execute it, and you will see a few options. In our case, we will focus on Recover Deleted Files.

When you click Recover Deleted Files, you have to select the unit where the videos you want to recover are located. Then with the right button of the mouse, you press Start.

Once the scanning process is finished you have to click on File View; it is in the left column. With this, you have access to all the deleted files sorted by type in their respective folders. Simply select the folder that says Videos. Then you can mark all the videos to recover or choose those that interest you. Finally, click on the Recover button.

The process to recover any deleted file is the same, you have to select the corresponding folder in the left column. Being sorted by type is very easy to find the file you want to recover. Also, you can also search the files by modification date.

Recover video files from Recycle Bin

Recover video files from Recycle Bin

For the proper functioning of your equipment, it is recommended that you take the time to periodically clean the recycling bin, as this frees up disk space, which improves the operation of the equipment.

However, you may wonder if it is possible to recover the items you deleted when emptying the recycling bin and the answer is YES.

This is an unknown fact for most people because they think that by deleting a file from the recycling bin they will be eliminating it forever, losing everything that contains it. Despite this, you should know that Windows does not destroy the file immediately. It is simply responsible for marking the hard drive space as an available place that can be reused for new data. In this way, the file will not be displayed on the computer but will remain on the computer’s hard drive.

While this topic may be a bit confusing, we must clarify that it will not be possible to recover any deleted file after a long time. If you want to recover some element, you must perform the process as soon as possible so that it can work. This process is done through a data recovery program. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the tool that we recommend you use for data recovery from the trash. It is very useful and very easy to use on Windows and Mac computers.

Wondershare Recoverit has more features. It allows recovering a formatted disk, lost partitions, external devices and data that have been damaged by the attack of a virus. It is also possible to full recovery.

In short,

We are talking about a tool that serves to recover deleted videos. Now, is it effective? Here the best thing is that each user values the software taking into account their experience of use. The result is not always the same as it depends on many factors.

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